How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency

How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency

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This article is based on an interview I did with Simon Granner who is the founder of a marketing agency named Next Gen Digital Marketing.

Simon’s Thoughts On Starting A Digital Marketing Agency

Location is important for this kind of a business. I chose downtown Chicago at 300 N LaSalle St Suite 4925, Chicago, IL 60654. I wanted the location to help the agency have a professional feel and image. That would build my credibility as a company.

I invested approximately $5,000 in startup expenses, and have been bootstrapping my growth. All the revenue that my company makes is plowed back into the business to help it grow.

This is a relatively easy business to start because the start-up costs are low and other than registering the business with the state, there are no extra licenses or permits that are required.

Some of the biggest costs have to do with marketing because my agency is not well known yet.  But it is also an enjoyable challenge to build a business from the ground up.

I do marketing mostly by word of mouth referrals and networking. I am constantly talking to new people. I also do a lot of public speaking at events and hold small seminars. Those all help drum up business. And the most important is doing good work for your clients.

The business is fun, but it is also very challenging. I work seven days per week and my days are very full.

I don’t have any full time employees at this time. I use freelancers and contractors. I have built relationships and continue to go back to the same freelancers, but am not tied to any for benefits which is great to help you keep the costs down. I monitor the work of the people whom I hire by the results of their work.

This is a great business to get into for someone with hustle, grit and determination. This business is hard.

Further Business Help And Advice

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