How To Start A Resume Writing Business

How To Start A Resume Writing Business

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This article has two sections. The first is on how to plan and start your business in general.  The second is on how to start a resume writing business.

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to start a business.

Here is a tutorial on how you can write a good business plan.

Here are a few more resources on how to start your business. Here is a link to learn more about my book on how to start a business which is based on research of experiences of 300,000 entrepreneurs. Here is the link to my video-based course on how to start a business with over 5 hours of tutorials. The link to the course contains a coupon code for a very big discount.

Interview On How To Start A Resume Writing Business

This is an interview I did with PepperBrooks who is an owner of a resume writing business named the Writology. In this interview she shares how to start a resume writing business. I hope this interview helps you if you are also looking to get into such a business. You can follow Pepper on her Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Does Location Matter For A Resume Writing Business?

Yes, location does matter. Every country has different requirement when it comes to resume development. Western countries prefer a resume style and eastern countries prefer the curriculum vitae which includes personal information such as marital status, age, and date of birth.

The location also matters for how you will market this business. If you are in a dense metropolitan area, you may have access to many potential customer, but you may also encounter stiff competition.

How To Choose A Good Location For A Resume Writing Business?

This is a great business because you can do almost all work from home. Of course, if you have an office, it makes you look more credible and will help you close sales. But an office costs money so you can certainly start this kind of a business simply working from home.

How Much Money Do You Need To Start A Resume Writing Business?

The start up cost for this business is low. You can start with approximately $2000. All you need is the Internet, phone/cell phone, fax and a good laptop/computer. Many people may have this equipment already. If you plan to have an office at the beginning, obviously the costs would be higher by the cost of the office.

Are Any Licenses And Permits Needed?

There are no formal licenses or permits needed to start a resume writing service. You may consider becoming a certified professional resume writer to add more value to your business, but it is not necessary.

What Are Some Of The Biggest Costs?

A reliable computer and/or laptop and regular maintenance with anti-virus/spyware protection would be your biggest cost. Additionally, if you pay for marketing, that can also be your biggest cost.

How Do You Get Customers?

Advertise where job seekers are looking for employment. Online classifieds had the most ROI for my business. Fortunately, most of my clients were from business networking and word-of-mouth. When one of my clients gets hired, it is the best form of advertisement! I consistently had clients without a website or advertisement.

If you are looking for ways to promote your business, here is some information about our marketing plan book that should make you a real pro at advertising your business. If you are curious about the book, here is the marketing plan book on Amazon.

How Many Hours Do You Work Per Week?

You can work as many hours as you want since this is your own business. I work 25 hours per week. Sometimes it can be more, depending on my client list and deadlines. This can be a great business to help you support yourself if you are pursuing a career in music, art or something else that doesn’t immediately pay the bills. It can leave you many free hours to work on your own projects.

Are There Employees? How Many?

There are no employees. But if you want to automate some administrative tasks, you can hire freelance help.

What Is The Most Profitable Thing You Can Do In This Business?

Creating a resume and cover letter from scratch couples with a mock interview and feedback is the most profitable kind of a project.

Do You Feel That This Is A Good Business To Get Into?

Professional resume writing services are always in demand. Unfortunately, the demand is due to the high unemployment rate. Also, people often don’t want to write the resumes on their own. Resume writing is time consuming and people don’t have the time to custom tailor their resume to each job posting.

I would recommend this service to those who want to operate a home-based business and have good writing skills. It is also a good business for people who understand labour market trends, have knowledge of community, and familiarity with national occupational skills.

Additional Tips

Keep on top of new and creative ways for customers to find jobs. There are now video resumes and visual resumes being requested by some human resource departments. Use social media, look for tweeters that are looking for assistance on their resume and offer free tips.

Who Is The Ideal Client?

An ideal client is someone who is looking for full-time or part-time employment, a career change, or a promotion. It is also someone who has an active lifestyle who doesn’t have the time to write their own resume and cover letter.


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