How To Successfully Promote Your Product At A Trade Show

How To Successfully Promote Your Product At A Trade Show

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The success of your business all depends on the consumer knowledge. This means that if nobody knows who you are, what you do, and what you can offer them – you’re not going to be very successful. Customers won’t go digging to find you, you need to become a shiny new toy for them to fall in love with, and then, and only then might they come looking for you. So you need to get out there and make yourself known!

A great way to do that is by going to trade shows. These are events that are thrown in order for different businesses to network and market themselves.

Here’s how you can use the opportunity to create valuable leads.


Doing some research a while before the trade show will give you a very good advantage over other businesses. You want to figure out what kind of shows are best suited for your business, and how can your business benefit from it – other than the networking aspect. Look at every little detail of each trade show, like how many businesses are exhibited, and how many potential customers attend, etc. You can even try and arrange a little interviewer with previous businesses who took part in the trade shows in the past, and learn about their feedback from it and how they feel is the best way to go out marketing yourself. Any information that you are able to take away will give you the edge.


Your mission is to bring as much attention to your booth as possible. This can be done with banners, free giveaways, contests, and interactive things to play on or listen to such as speakers to play out information about what you do while people pass by. Just make sure they have their FCC Certification to follow procedure. It always helps if you come up with a theme to focus on as this will just make everything more visually interesting to look at. The more appealing it is on the eye, the more interest you will have.


Holding a contest is a great way to get people interested in your booth because who doesn’t like to win prizes? The good thing about doing this is that it can all help you. So for example, you ask the attendees to come and visit your booth – that’s attention. You ask if they’d be willing to fill out a survey for future product alterations – that’s feedback. And then you ask if they’d like to be entered into the contest by giving your their email address/contact number – that’s leads.

And for all of that useful knowledge, one (or however many winners you decide on) get to go home with a prize, which of course is in relation to your business and product.

So as you can see, if you go into the situation with a plan, a bit of creativity, and a personality that people are drawn to, there is no reason you shouldn’t leave without plenty of leads.


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