Why Team Building Is So Important! Thanks To A Team Building Company In Philadelphia

Why Team Building Is So Important! Thanks To A Team Building Company In Philadelphia

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I recently chatted with the owner of PhillyHops which is a very interesting business that provides team building activities that are centered around food. The company operates in Philadelphia, Washington D.C, New York, and New Jersey. I thought it was a fascinating business. And I am personally surprised that I have not yet addressed the topic of team-building on this blog or my YouTube channel.

This Feels Like My Outdoor Event Series

If you have followed my blog or YouTube channel, you are probably familiar with the story of how I grew a small hiking group website into a popular event series that was even discussed on NPR radio. I had many themed hikes that ranged from shipwreck hunt hikes to cannon viewing hikes to food and alcohol themed outdoor activities. People loved food and alcohol themed activities. And that gives me confidence that this type of team building can be very popular, and stand out, which would help it in terms of marketing.

Since the team building events put on by this business are exciting and generally fascinating, it may be possible to get a reasonable amount of press coverage for this business. And if it is possible to get press coverage for this business, that will generate many inbound links which will help SEO. Here is a tutorial for how to generate press coverage. Many of the suggestions in this article can work for this particular business. And that should give it a nice, long-term SEO boost.

Additionally, since the events are fun, and there can be videos and pictures taken at the events, that opens up opportunities to advertise on Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube! Those social platforms can give this business great exposure as well as bring in some potential customers.

A Bigger Product Line

There are a few products that can be naturally up-sold. The most natural product is a photo book with photos from the day of the event. Another product that can be up-sold is the same exact event, or a food event with a different theme, six months or a year from the date of the current event, with a discount. Just leave the current buyer with a flyer with a discount code that gives them 10% off future events. That can help them become regular clients.

Additionally, since the founder of this business is a chef, that opens up a variety options in additional products that can be made. Many such products are educational products. For example, there can be books and online courses for team building activities, cooking, group cooking, and other themes that are similar that take advantage of fun activities for groups that are centered around food.

Check Out A Site From Our Friends

I recently got in touch with a team building company in Singapore, and think they are doing great things. So I wanted to add a mention of them to this article.

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