5-Step Guide to Profitable Email Marketing for Your Startup

5-Step Guide to Profitable Email Marketing for Your Startup

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After a start-up has actually become a running business, then it’s time to draft a successful marketing plan. But why do you need a well-planned email marketing strategy for your start-up? Simple, if you want to succeed and improve your customer relations, manage your brand and increase your calls to action you need an email marketing strategy in place.

Plan your Email marketing strategy

You need to plan before you rush into sending out emails to your customers. Think about how often you will send correspondence to customers and what they will want to hear from you. Then combine that with the message you want to get out and any call to action you are hoping to achieve. Knowing what you want to get out of Email marketing and planning accordingly is the essential first step. For example if you are looking to create an Email marketing strategy for your Physical Therapy website you need to plan your Emails according to customer appointments.

Think about your Email design

You don’t want to overload your customer with text. Make your Email stand out and very true to your brand. Your customers need to know that the email is from your business straight away so your Email design needs to be recognisable. Include plenty of easily loadable images and make sure the reasons for the Email is apparent immediately. The subject line is important too, it tells your customer what the email is about and encourages them to read more. You want your customers to open that email.

Create engaging Email content

So, you’ve designed your email, you’ve thought about the layout and subject but what will your Email content consist of? Ensure you don’t bore your customer into clicking delete before they have got to the end of the Email. Make your content interesting engaging and to the point. Say what you need to say quickly so the customer understands why you have contacted them. And make sure you include a call to action!

Develop your Email list

Once you have started your campaign you should always update and refresh your Email list. You must remember that there are data protection rules about how you use your customers personal data. Therefore, they must have signed up or accepted that they will receive email correspondence from you before you add them to your email list. Once you are sure the customers are expecting your emails you can get on and add them to your mailing list. From here you can develop your contacts by adding more and more customers when they sign up so you have a broad customer base.

Measure your success

How will you know if your strategy is working without measuring your success? Remember you might not get it right first time but by monitoring your link clicks, your email opening and your sign ups you can make tweaks and change your plan. You can also evaluate your process and learn from this the next time you set up an email marketing campaign. You need to think about how you will measure and this will depend on the results you are hoping detailed in your marketing strategy plan.  

So, are you ready to develop your strategy?

As long as you plan and prepare your marketing strategy carefully, knowing what you want to achieve and review your results you are sure to have success. Keep in mind it might not work first time,as with everything in business it is a work in process. But if you follow these five steps you will be well on your way to a successful email marketing campaign.

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