Attracting Eyeballs: 5 Ways Commercial Murals Will Help Your Business

Attracting Eyeballs: 5 Ways Commercial Murals Will Help Your Business

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A business with a building and empty walls is missing an advertising opportunity. If a commercial building has a big, blank wall the public sees, the company may use it to impress and inform that audience. Hiring a local artist with a good reputation to paint a mural on the wall can be a win-win situation. Hiring an educational group that teaches young people to paint murals can help the community as well as provide advertising. Hiring a local sign company that provides printed murals that are permanently applied to the wall is another mural opportunity.

Murals in San Francisco

Businesses in San Francisco have customers that expect creativity. Commercial businesses with blank walls can contact professionals such as a San Francisco Muralist to design and paint eye-catching murals that transform a plain, ugly wall into artistic advertising of the company’s message. Check out each prospective mural painter by asking for a list of completed murals to drive by.

Ask about the materials used and the steps taken to prepare the wall and preserve the mural when it is completed. Insist on a scale rendering of the proposed mural before signing a contract to have it painted. Check the community rules and restrictions on outdoor murals on buildings before having a mural painted. The mural design might need to be submitted to the local code or governing body for approval before work starts.

Check out the total proposed cost and get a signed estimate and contract before work begins to avoid surprises. The contract should include a starting and finishing date. When the building owner has done all the preliminary research and approves of the design, work can begin. Check the work every day to make sure the mural is being painted true to the design that was approved and the work is of the advertised quality.

The Advantages of Having A Mural On a Building

There are at least five ways a painted mural will help a company’s business.

1. Murals are Eye Catching. Having an artistic mural painted or applied to a plain wall will catch customer attention. People will notice the process of the mural being applied to the wall. Some businesses post progress on the internet to attract attention. Then, when the mural is complete, they have a dedication ceremony or a re-grand opening to celebrate the mural. This is an opportunity to draw new customers into the building for refreshments or small free gifts or to hand out advertising brochures featuring a photo of the mural. The mural will show off the business’s message and personality, making consumers curious and more willing to go inside and shop. The size of a wall mural gets people’s attention where a small sign can be ignored.

2. Murals Make a Statement for a business or an organization. These artistic murals can be painted or applied to a school, government building, organization headquarters, businesses, and more. The message of all commercial enterprises must be gotten out in a way that sticks in the public’s mind. These murals can help people find the building of the entity they are planning to visit. A whole advertising campaign can be designed around the new mural. It is important to carefully design the mural to be beautifully on message.

3. Murals can boost earnings for a business that has a lot of competition. People like to shop at a business that has imagination and a clear image of their product. Some retail studies have found that colors and art affects people’s emotions which, in turn, drive sales. Well-designed and painted murals impress customers and pique their curiosity so they enter the building and are more prone to purchase the goods offered.

4. Wall murals work everywhere including both interior and exterior building walls and in every kind of neighborhood or business location. Murals can be coordinated to start on an outside wall and then be repeated or added to a building lobby or conference room.

5. Murals cover plain, ugly walls with art and, at the same time, work as effective advertising. Murals can be painted as custom projects or they can be printed off-site and applied to the wall with adhesives. But, hand-painted murals have the advantage of being cost-effective and able to be painted on uneven, damaged, or textured walls. Hand-painted murals can be more sizes, and they can be adapted to odd-shaped walls or walls with windows or angles.

Proper Installation Of Painted Wall Murals

A wall mural is only as good as the wall preparation before any art happens. No wall is perfect. The correct materials must be used for wall adherence and durability. Good paints are essential. An outside mural must be painted with exterior-grade paints that resist the elements and fading. Extra paints should be left on-site and labeled so that damage can be repaired.

Wall preparation is the first step in any good mural application process. The wall must be cleaned and any flaking or loose materials removed. Cracks and holes must be filled and sanded. Then the whole area must be left to dry for 24 hours. Next, the area for the mural must be primed with a good-quality primer and left to dry. Now, the mural can be drawn on the wall and painted with high-quality paints.

Murals Can Help the Community

Another reason to hire local mural artists to paint murals is to help the community. Hiring local artists or graphic companies helps the economy and that then helps bring in loyal customers. There are community projects where artists mentor students from local schools. They teach them the art of mural painting rather than have them tagging buildings or getting in trouble. Some towns even have tours of murals painted by these groups. In some cases, business buildings become known for their wall murals and attract public attention and then customers.

Business owners with blank walls should consider adding a well-designed painted or applied mural to boost business and help their local mural painters. Murals are cheaper than billboards and are closer to the business. The business owner has the ultimate say in what is painted but the artist makes their ideas and requirements come to life in an attention-getting way.

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