Best Business Android Apps For Planning And Starting A Business

Best Business Android Apps For Planning And Starting A Business

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I know it may sound presumptuous, but I urge you to hear what I have to say. I really believe that these are the best apps. Let me tell you a little bit about why I think these are the best business apps on Android. I also explain why these apps are the best business apps on Android if you are looking to plan or start a business in this video.

4-App Course

The apps come as a 4-app course so you can download only the sections that you feel that you need. The 4 sections are 1) business ideas 2) business plans 3) marketing and promoting your business, and 4) raising money for your business.

The reason the apps were structured this way is that these are precisely the issues that all entrepreneurs have to face at one point or another. An entrepreneur may not deal with some of these, but they usually can’t avoid dealing with at least one or two of these big areas of difficulty.

These Android Apps Help Your Business In Three Distinct Ways

The best feature of the apps is that you can get live expert help via chat right on the apps. Usually, I am the one who helps you. And at the point of writing this article, I have helped over 1,000 people personally and have seen the experiences of the 400,000 using my apps overall. So I know exactly the issues that you are dealing with, and I know how to help and advice. Now, I can’t help if you have a very unusual business idea like sending rockets into space or something similar. But for most businesses, I can help quite a bit. And for the price of the app this is an amazing deal.

But the apps help you with much more. There are many written and video tutorials on the apps that address the issues you are likely dealing with. The tutorials are based on the 400,000 people who came before you. So very likely, you are facing many of the same challenges as those entrepreneurs.

Additionally, these business Android apps offer software tools to write your business plan, marketing plan, or fundraising plans. The business plan app also has tools to help you maintain a to-do list and things like that.

Get These Android Business Apps

Here is the Android business ideas app.

Here is theĀ Android business plan app.

Here is theĀ Android marketing app.

Here is the Android fundraising app.

Additional Business Resources

Want more business help than these Android business apps can offer? I have plenty of business and marketing resources that are a great fit for you no matter how you prefer to work on your business.

Do you like to read? Try my business ideas and marketing books. Or may you don’t enjoy learning by reading? Try any of my 8 video-based online courses on topics ranging from starting to growing a business. Here is a link to my online business courses.

Do you want one on one, personal attention? Hire me as your business coach, and we can focus on your business together, and turn it into a success! I’ve helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs, and I can help you! Here is a link to learn more about my business coaching practice.

Personal Note From Me About These Android Business Apps

I created my first Android app in April 2012. Since then, I put my heart and soul into these apps. At first I created a completely different business app, but after getting feedback from the early users of the apps that they wanted to use the app to write a business plan, I changed the app into a business planning app. I provide live help right on the app. And I noticed that people were struggling with a few general business areas: business ideas, business planning, marketing, and raising money. That prompted to create the other 3 apps, and this is why my apps cover these exact topics.

Of course, the apps are a relatively small piece of software. And while people tell me that the apps are very helpful to them, I was able to put much more information into my online courses, and my business and marketing books. I want to invite you to try all of these. And if you feel that you still need help, you are welcome to hire me as your business coach. 99% of people find me unbelievably helpful. And I look forward to helping you with your business!

Further Business Help

If you are looking to start a business, you have come to the right place! Here are my business books, 8 online business courses, and even a package for how you can get publicity for your business. Additionally, there are over 300 free business tutorials on my YouTube channel.

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