How Cloud Computing is Driving Business Efficiency

How Cloud Computing is Driving Business Efficiency

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 How do you communicate with your team? How many vertical levels are there between workers on the ground and company management? Is your business centralized or diffuse? As someone starting or growing a small business, chances are that communication issues dependent on medium, complexity, and location are minimal. However, this does not mean to say that they are as efficient as they could be nor to say they are necessarily scalable.

The most common mistake for a business leader growing a business is not delegating leadership of distinct functions to employees. This often turns the leader into a funnel for all communications and an impediment to quick action if said leader cannot be reached. Traditional, multi-layer communication structures based on meetings, reports, and even on phone calls and emails are redundant and ineffective. Most businesses could save money, improve efficiency, and scale faster with better information sharing.

Real Time Data Sharing

Metrics and data often gets lost and slowed down when moving from the ground level through management and to upper management. The response is then further slowed down as it percolates through the hierarchy. Cloud computing is based on remotely hosted servers providing unlimited storage space for files including data sets and photographs. Cloud storage works by allowing a single person or company to access to files within an account from any device or location linked to it. All files are encrypted and protected by the provider.

In terms of data sharing this allows for instant access to data from any part of the company so long as it is well organized within an in-cloud file management system. Practically speaking, an operative on the ground assessing house values, for example, can save data to the cloud, which can then be accessed by everyone else in the company or who have access to that folder. It allows for companies to pool data more efficiently.

Improving Mass Communication

With instant access to the files saved to the cloud, it can allow for more seamless communication between different elements of a company. For example, taking the real estate angle further, the home value, opinions, and photographs can be uploaded to the site by a webmaster so the home is advertised even before the realtor gets back to the office. However, if another realtor with the company is showing a prospective client around a home, they can access the cloud as it is updated and that new home may prove to be more suitable. You can now see that each chain in communication is faster. Instead of having to email or message each person individually or send a chain email, the files can be deposited straight into the correct

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