Four Ways to Build Your Brand Using Influencers

Four Ways to Build Your Brand Using Influencers

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 When a business or brand first thinks about how to rise above the market and gain exposure, it is all too easy to consider advertising, promotions, sponsorships and social media marketing. However, whether you are selling a product or trying to build some buzz for an event, correctly utilizing influencers to build interest is the effective first step many forget to take. That being said, it is not as simple as just reaching out to a few and hey presto, sales and interest are up. It is a little more complicated than that.

Choose Your Influencers Wisely

Time was, in the past, influencers were a combination of media moguls, literati, advertising executives and celebrities. Today, despite concern over mega media conglomerates, influencers are more diffuse and harder to pin down. The first rule of maximizing the effect of this kind of marketing therefore is to ensure you pick the correct ones. This means researching the specific influencers within your niche and market, to whom your event or product will appeal, and then assessing their size, reach, and the demographics of those they reach out to. It is also worth noting which media they primarily appeal on. This is because some will be bloggers, some vloggers and many will cross different media and platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Are You a Good Match?

Like businesses, brands, and events, influencers come in all shapes and sizes. During your research you will have ascertained whether their industry and their demographics fit with what you are trying to achieve. However, you should also think about whether their size does too. Some influencers can have followings in the millions. On paper, this sounds like a fantastic amount of exposure, but will they be interested in your product? Are they too big for you to appeal to? Furthermore, if they say yes, do you have enough products or event capacity to accommodate the amount of interest you will get by their endorsement or appearance?

You Will Need a Budget

Only a few influencers will promote your product for free and even then, only if it is absolutely amazing and life changing. For events, it’s even less likely because shoutouts are free to produce, but going to an event involves a lot of money. When producing your influencer-based marketing plan you are going to have to have a budget, and you will have to negotiate with the influencers. Remember to keep them sweet, keep them on happy, and compensated, then their magic will more than repay your outlay

Finally, Just Trust Them

Your influencers have got to the position where they are now with hundreds, thousands, and millions of followers because they know what they are doing. Do not tell them how to promote your product, what to do, or when. Trust them to know how to do this and let them do it in their own style without compromising their integrity. When it comes to events be it a speech, presentation, or round table, let them be themselves. It’ll all be to your benefit.

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