Daydreaming About Your Business And The Future Success

Daydreaming About Your Business And The Future Success

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Most entrepreneurs tend to dream and daydream about how great things will be after they make their business a success. Daydreaming about your success is a lot of fun and tremendously inspiring and motivating. It often happens at random times and I find myself happy and encouraged when I wake up from a daydream where I imagine how great the business will be after I build it to a great success.

But there is a trap here. In letting our imagination take over and tease us, that tease is so great that we can begin to believe parts of it while it is still quite early. And that can make us drink our own cool aid so to speak.

Once you begin to believe parts of the daydreams, it raises your ego and makes you feel like you are much closer to reaching your goals than you already are. And that can cause you to develop an overconfidence, ego, and make you relax a little bit because you are thinking that you are close to your goals. But that is the exact wrong thing that you would want to happen because precisely at this time is when you need to be scrapping and  working hard, and not slowing down, but rather speeding up and adding intensity.

Daydreaming is fun, but don’t allow it to convince you of success or how great you are. Enjoy it when it happens because it really is fun, but keep it in check and don’t allow it to place false beliefs in your mind.

Daydreaming distorts reality of how hard you will need to work

What I want to emphasize is that almost all  entrepreneurs need to work extremely hard for a number of years before they find success. And what I often encounter is that people daydream and imagine how great things will be, and even build on top of those dreams.  People often imagine how much money they will give to family and friends, what kind of car they will drive, how they will give back to charity and their community. But in none of these daydreams can be found anything about hard work that will be required to get to success.

Daydreaming is actually important

Daydreaming is actually vital to correct business psychology because it helps you see yourself at a point where you reach success. A part of finding the confidence to succeed is to be able to see yourself being successful. If you can visualize it, it will be more concrete as a goal that you will be striving for.  So daydreaming about your business is great. Just don’t over-do it. Make sure that your efforts aren’t all dreams, and that you are actually taking real actionable steps to get to your eventual business success.

But don’t start a business that is based on dreams-only

What I often encounter on the business apps that I made is that people try to start a business that is fully based on their dreams, but not much real-world research or experience. And that is dangerous. To start a business, you must be disciplined, know your market, and have experience in it. Your competitors will and you have to as well.

How to begin taking action

So try to make sure that you are taking enough action.  One of the best ways to take action is to begin creating a website for your business or project. Another way to begin taking action is to try to write a business plan in order to organize your ideas. A business plan has sections like target market, marketing, finances, etc. Filling out those sections will give you further ideas.

And if you are having a hard time getting started, maybe try to maintain a to-do list that you fill with small but doable tasks. That can help you build momentum and get into habits of doing things instead of just daydreaming. Here is a tutorial for how to start a business.

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Further Business Resources

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Author: Alex Genadinik

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