Why Your Business Infrastructure Matters More than You Would Think

Why Your Business Infrastructure Matters More than You Would Think

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Whether you are starting off or moving premises, you will need to pay attention to the business infrastructure you create to serve your customers and employees to the best of your abilities. From communication tools to parking and public transport access, there are several things you must consider when choosing your location. You want to keep your customers and workers happy, and encourage a sharing collaborative atmosphere that gives everyone the opportunity to grow and make the most out of their abilities. Below you fill find a list of business infrastructure you should be paying attention to.

Parking and Public Transport Access

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Parking and access are important for your workers, also your customers. You need to make sure that – if you have a new office – your location shows up on the satellite navigation systems and Google maps. If your new address is hard to find, you can add a location map on your site, so your old customers will find you easier. Include some information on public transport access, driving, and directions from different popular locations.

On Site Facilities

If you have a gym or a supermarket nearby, or a canteen on site, you can satisfy your customers and your employees better. Nobody likes eating their lunch at their desk, so make sure there is something to do after work and during breaks. If you are lucky enough to have a downtown office, you don’t necessarily need to add a canteen, but if the closest restaurant and supermarket is miles away, you need to provide basic facilities for your employees to keep them happy.

Internet Access

No business in the 21st century can function without a reliable internet access. This, however, doesn’t mean that your employees should spend their working day updating their Facebook status. Make clear rules on how the internet can be used. If you have confidential information on your work computers and in the office, you might consider making a policy that doesn’t allow phones in the building, so you can prevent fraud and accidental sharing of information that can land you in trouble. It is still important that you monitor the performance of your network and keep an eye on the service. Check out https://www.ipswitch.com/network-monitoring to find out how to keep your networks safe and running smoothly.


You need to talk to a professional IT company to come to an arrangement about maintaining your work computers and updating the security features on them regularly. Your employees might download third party apps and your entire network might get infected by malware, making your system run slowly or even shut down unexpectedly. Cleaning your computer hardware and removing unwanted software can prevent problems and the loss of productivity in the office.

Work and Collaboration Platforms

To make the most out of the communication in the company and help you spot talent, you need to step up your game when it comes to collaboration. If you want people from different departments work well together, you can create a cloud collaboration platform that will help them share ideas and work on projects together without having to hold regular in-person meetings. You can also communicate your employee policies and reward programs through your cloud based platform. Encouraging a knowledge sharing culture at the workplace will help you keep employees motivated, too.

Recreational Zones

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All work and no play is not fun for anyone. Ask your employees what type of recreation they prefer, and create a chillout area. Whether you set up a kitchenette where they can warm up their lunch and sit down together, or get a dart board, air hockey, or pool table, you can help your workers chill out during their breaks, and avoid burnouts. You might even install a gaming zone for competitions, or award teams with the best performance with time in the gaming zone. No matter what your recreational zone looks like, it needs to be designed with your workers’ needs and safety in mind.

Meeting Rooms

To encourage communication in person, and facilitate team meetings, you might need to think about creating meeting rooms. If you have customers and business partners visiting, you will have to get them seated safely, and discuss your business privately. You don’t have to take them to the restaurant every time you are giving them a report or an update. A well-designed, modern meeting room will make a difference, and help you appear more professional.


To protect your assets and your customers, employees, security is crucial. Have fire and smoke alarms installed, as well as a burglar alarm, and review the infrastructure regularly. Whether you employ a security firm or connect your alarm to the police, you will have to talk to a professional who can check your settings and look out for risks that can endanger your business. CCTV cameras will help you identify theft and fraud, as well as dangerous behavior in the office.

Facilities Services

To manage the cleaning and maintenance tasks, you will have to talk to a facilities management company. From broken windows to replacing chairs, and maintaining the water dispenser, coffee machine, and carrying out electrical safety checks, there are several tasks you simply cannot deal with. Whether there is a leak on the roof, or a lock needs to be changed, it is important that you have a company you can trust to carry out the work fast, so you can carry on doing your business as soon as possible.


When it comes to business real estate, security, comfort, and facilities are equally important. Keep your employees happy and your assets safe. Choose a location that is easy to access for workers and customers. Add comfort facilities and services that make people’s lives easier. Stay connected with your employees using networking and cloud communication, and help them make the most out of their free time by creating a tailor made recreational zone where they can have a chat and chill out. This way, your infrastructure will give you a competitive advantage over other employers.


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