App store search vs. social media marketing vs. publicity or being featured

App store search vs. social media marketing vs. publicity or being featured

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In this video I discuss the importance of app store (Google Play or Apple App Store) search which is sometimes called ASO which stands for app store optimization.

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Perhaps it should be app store search optimization which would be ASO. But I guess the distinction is relatively arbitrary. In any case, in this tutorial I discuss why app store search is so important for your app, and why as a mobile app entrepreneur you should learn everything you can about app store SEO (search engine optimization) which is also known as ASO (app store optimization), and begin executing it. The app stores are, of course, the Apple App Store and the Google Play app store.

Most apps have the bulk of their downloads come from app store search. The other ways to get downloads for an app are various forms of social media marketing, or by getting publicity. There are plenty of other ways to get downloads, but these are the most common free strategies to get a lot of downloads for your mobile app. Other strategies work, but they are secondary, and typically result in far fewer downloads. Of course, paying for downloads also works, but the problem is that most people can’t afford to buy tens of thousands of downloads.

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