How To Boost Social Sharing By Building It Into Your Product

How To Boost Social Sharing By Building It Into Your Product

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Even before you release your product, you can plan parts of the product or its user experience that will increase social sharing. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that this can be done.

One natural way to increase social sharing is to make some part of your product or service better if it is used with friends. Some examples of such products are games, attending events, or doing other fun activities. If you can’t immediately think of a particular use case, the simplest way to make things better is to make them cheaper. You can give discounts or access to premium features to your customers if they invite friends to use your products.

I’ll share one example that worked for me. On my business plan apps I added a way for people to invite friends and business partners to help them write their business plans together. Even though business planning isn’t social, this tactic still caused a small increase in social sharing because the app became more helpful to people if they invited friends who could help them.

Another tactic you can use to get people to share your website or business is to incentivize it by giving something away for free. Digital products are free to replicate which makes them essentially free for you to give away. If you give people access to some premium features of your product or a free ebook, or any other digital product in exchange for them sharing your business on Facebook, it can be a nice way to increase the rate at which your content is shared on Facebook and other social networks.

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