How to do Facebook paid advertising to sell products

How to do Facebook paid advertising to sell products

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In this tutorial I explain how to set up a Facebook paid advertising campaign in order to sell products.

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The first thing you want to do is to funnel people to whatever site you sell from. That can be an Amazon page, your own website, or anywhere else from where you sell. That means that you don’t care a whole lot about likes, comments or engagement. What you want is to get people to click on your ads in order to then land on your sales page.

For that reason, you choose the option in the Facebook ads manager to get clicks. Once you choose to get clicks, you should then be very careful about how you target people. You should know exactly the kind of person you want to target with your advertising. Facebook provides the richest set of ways by which to target your potential customers with Facebook ads. You can choose to target people by demographics, psychographics, interests, shopping habits, and more. If you target your potential customers by the right demographics, interests and psychographics, and sell them a product that is something that sells well, you should be able to generate many sales with paid Facebook advertising which will help you to not need to rely on their free marketing as much as most people do.

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