Nobody Wants To Work A 72-Hour Week, Not Even Entrepreneurs

Nobody Wants To Work A 72-Hour Week, Not Even Entrepreneurs

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Justin Rattner once famously said that technology for the sake of technology is a waste of precious resources. It’s what we get out of it that counts. There’s no point companies investing their money on the latest computer equipment if it’s not making the life of the entrepreneur at least a little easier. And yet, many entrepreneurs think that the key to a successful startup is making sure that everybody in the office owns an iPad and the latest MacBook Air.

Here are some of the ways you can use tech to simplify your business and increase the time you have available to pursue new ideas.

Take Care Of Payroll And Insurance

Hiring a new person to your company is a legal and regulatory minefield. Many firms put off hiring new members of staff because it takes so much time. Others have to, and entrepreneurs spend many hours interviewing and collecting data on members of their team.

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Fortunately there are solutions, like JustWorks, that can automate things like payroll and benefits and insurance payments for colleagues. In a sense, the software acts like a traditional payroll service, but without the massive overhead of an entire department.

Speed Up Education

Learning a second language is fast becoming a necessity for the world’s international entrepreneurs. But the problem with traditional methods of learning a new language is that they can often take years. Now app companies like Smigin are investigating new ways of getting apps to teach people the basics of language. Instead of doing it how it is done in schools (which is boring, slow and ineffective over the long term) Smigin teaches language through interaction and games. The company behind the app says that they have found in their internal testing that gamification works a lot better than simple learning by rote.


The system helps build a knowledge of by only teaching participants the basics of the language and how it is structured. It doesn’t go off and teach learners about random words, like the word for “carbuncle.” Instead, it helps them to say whatever they want to say, and then leaves them to flesh out the rest of the language through their own experience.


Get Rid Of Paper Contracts

Keeping track of which paper contracts have just been signed and with whom can be difficult. What’s worse is not knowing when those contracts are up for renewal. Searching through filing cabinets and holding internal audits can take up a lot of valuable time – time that would be better spent elsewhere.



Now though, it is possible to get contract management software for any business which allows them to organize their contracts online and over the cloud. This has the potential to dramatically reduce labor costs, while also increasing accuracy. What’s more, it gives entrepreneurs much-needed insight and control over the contracts so that they are prepared when they need to renegotiate.

The ability for members of the team to collaborate on various contracts is important too. Often one member of the team will have insights and expertise that another does not.

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