Press Package For Your Business

Press Package For Your Business

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Many entrepreneurs have been asking me how they can get more exposure for their business, and I have come up with a number of great options that will help your business by getting you help with publicity, press coverage and SEO.

Get Press Coverage And Publicity With Links For SEO

Everyone wants to get press coverage and publicity for their business, but few businesses are covered by major tech or general news publications. Even businesses that do get coverage, either do that through hiring a PR agency (thousands of dollars a month), have great connections, or just have incredibly amazing products. To get press coverage and publicity for a business, being very good is not enough. The business and its story have to be amazing, because there are already thousands of interesting businesses out there. The bar of quality to get PR is quite high.

Here is my tutorial for how you can get press coverage for your business. That tutorial is not just good for getting press coverage, but it is also great for generating links for your SEO and growing your social media presence because every time you get press coverage, you typically get a link to your site from whatever press publication covers your business, and you get a few social media mentions as well!

Buy Publicity

You can also purchase a publicity package on a very large radio show which will get you blog links, brand exposure via interviews, and social media links from legitimate and large accounts. Here is how you purchase that publicity package. For even more publicity, contact me directly. As a premium service I can get you an appearance on a number of blogs and podcasts, all of which will link to you from their websites.

I can also interview you for 30-60 minutes on my YouTube channel to get you extra exposure on YouTube. Contact me directly for rates to get exposure on my YouTube channel. Here is my business YouTube channel. The channel has over 1,000 subscribers, and 500-1000 views daily. Feel welcome to subscribe to the channel. There are over 300 business tutorials, all of which are free.

Contact Me

Please feel welcome to email me to discuss what publicity options may be possible for your business. I look forward to helping you! Email me at:

Check Out My Publicity Book

If you want to know more about how to get publicity and press coverage for your business, I put together a short but powerful book with many strategies you can use to get publicity for your business. You can learn more about the book on how to get publicity on this site, or get the publicity book out on Amazon.

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