Android app development course. Start your Android development career

Android app development course. Start your Android development career

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This page explains how you can learn Android app development quickly, with Alex Genadinik’s and Val Okefor’s course on Android app development and marketing.

And here is the link to our Android mobile app development course.

A career in Android development can change your life. You can make a salary that is over $100,000 per year, and have all employers trying to hire you. This mobile app development course will give you the training you need to get a job as a software developer, and make your own Android apps that you can either make money from directly, or show as a portfolio to your future employers.

Android has or will be surpassing Apple in almost every metric when it comes to mobile apps. So in the future, Android app development will be in increasingly bigger demand. And with our course, you will be able to position yourself to get all the benefits of being at the forefront of this hot and growing market.

From 2014 to 2015, the demand for Android development jobs grew by 165% compared to 54% growth for iOS developers.

There are three things you can do as an Android software developer to further your career. The first is to become an app entrepreneur and program your own mobile apps that you can then try to turn into a business. The second option is to get a job as an Android app developer at an enterprise company or a hot start-up company that can turn into the next billion dollar start-up, and have a comfortable life, best benefits, and a good salary. The third thing you can do after you take our Android development course is to work doing Android freelance development, and get multiple clients from websites like Odesk and other similar freelancing sites. After you grow your client list and Android app portfolio, you will be able to start your own Android development agency, get more and bigger clients, and even hire more junior Android app developers to work in your business as your software agency business grows.

These are all attainable goals, and our Android app development course will help you get there quickly, and with our support. But the first step is for you to take action, and learn how to make Android apps. After you learn how to make an app, you have to actually make one, and publish your first app in the Android Google Play store. The apps that you publish in the Google Play store are going to be your resume for future employers at enterprise companies, start-up companies, or people who would like to hire you as a freelance Android software developer. That app will be your resume.

In the course, Val Okefor and Alex Genadinik teamed up to teach you to make your own Android apps, and then get many downloads for them, and top strategies for how to make money from your apps. If you have a cool app that gets many downloads and makes money, that will impress potential employers, and help you stand out among many other Android developers who don’t have their own successful app that they can showcase.

So take our Android development course, and learn:
1) How to build an Android app
2) Marketing your app to get a lot of downloads
3) How to make money from a mobile app

Go ahead, and take the first steps to your successful career as an Android app developer today.

Additional help from us:

1) You will get all the course code discussed in this course so that you can use it for your own apps to make your own app development faster and easier.

2) You will get support from us and be able to message us with questions as you are taking our course. We are here to help you, and want to see you succeed.

3) When you are ready to launch your app, we will even help you promote it!

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