Event Management & Marketing Strategies

Event Management & Marketing Strategies

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Putting on events or having your own event series is a great way to grow almost any business, and event marketing is what you must do to make sure that many people attend your events. In this tutorial we go over how to put on great events, and how to do amazing event marketing to make sure that your events always have strong attendance.

Few more event marketing and management tips

For more event promotion strategies and ideas, make sure you watch the full event management playlist:

How to make money and generate revenue from events:

How to choose a price for events:

Event marketing ideas:

Event marketing tutorial:

Event marketing like a pro:

How to raise money with events and workshops:

How to promote your business with your own event series and speaking at other events

Additional offline marketing strategies

Event marketing is a fantastic way to promote your business. But there are additional offline marketing strategies you can use to promote whatever it is you are promoting.  You can do flier marketing, door to door marketing, business card marketing, and even word of mouth marketing.

Here is a list of my best business books to help you start and grow your business as well as Udemy course coupons to my top online courses.

Full Event Marketing and Management Course

Check out my full event management and marketing course on Udemy. The course covers how to promote your events, how to hire staff, how to make sure you have liability insurance and protection, how to make sure that people who attend have a great time, and how to make money from your events.

Here is a link with a discount to the event management and marketing course.

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