Does Blogging Still Work And Make Money?

Does Blogging Still Work And Make Money?

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Many people on my apps ask me “does blogging still work?” Of course, it works. It just depends for what purpose, and to what extent. You can still make money from blogs in a variety of ways, give yourself exposure as an expert in your field, and use it as a tool to network and connect with others. Here is a video on how to make money from a blog.

Does Blogging Still Work To Make Money

Making money on your blog depends on two factors. The first is how much traffic you are able to get to your blog. The second is how well you are able to monetize that traffic. There is a big difference if you can make $1 per site visitor on average, or $0.01 on average.

The most common way to make money on your blog is through displaying ads such as AdSense ads. They make $5.00-10.00 per 1000 page views which means that you can make as little as half a cent on average per page view. That is way too little. So ads are ok, but you need something that monetizes better. Try affiliate sales through sites like CommissionJunction where you are able to resell products and earn commission. On average, the revenue you can earn is much greater than on AdSense. But it is up to you to get the affiliate sales working effectively.

If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing, we offer a full affiliate marketing course and affiliate marketing coaching to help you get started making money this way.

The other way blogging still works to make money is by selling your own products. If you do not have products that you have created, don’t worry. There are many digital products that can be created pretty easily. One example of such a digital product is eBooks. You can easily write an eBook on the same topic about which you are blogging, and sell it right from your blog.

Setting Up Your Blog

To make money from your blog, you obviously need to actually set up your website and start promoting it.

Setting up a blog is surprisingly simple.  You don’t need technical skills to set up a blog, or manage it. You can use WordPress. Here is our tutorial for how to set up your website or a blog quickly, cheaply, and on your own.

Does Blogging Still Work To Portray Myself As An Expert In My Field

Another way blogging still works to make money is that it can give you exposure as an expert in your subject area. When people will discover your blog and read it, if they get value from it, they may want to work with you or hire you for something they need. Or that person might just become a business contact which is always helpful.

The caveat is, of course, that you must write very helpful and insightful blog posts. The extent of your expertise will be judged by the quality of your blog posts and the ideas you share. So you must make sure that your writing is of very high quality.

If you have followed my videos and blog posts, you are familiar with my theme of social media marketing that you should always try to portray yourself as an expert and a thought leader in your field. And a blog is one of the tools that can help you achieve that. Here is a video tutorial on social media marketing.

Does Blogging Still Work For SEO

This is a bit of a controversial issue in the tech community. Blogging used to work much better to get SEO traffic. Now it is quite difficult to get SEO traffic because the competition is always growing, and Google favors authoritative sites rather than new sites. So it does take time to build up an audience and traffic. It isn’t something that will just come overnight, or even within months. To get significant SEO traffic, you need to have a very savvy inbound marketing strategy and strong keyword research skills. Here is our quick SEO tutorial. Here is a video tutorial on inbound marketing.

And here is a video tutorial on how to do SEO keyword research correctly.

If you like the video, to get more similar videos, please subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking the subscribe button on the widget right below this text.

You may also be interested in checking out SEOMoz which is one of the leaders in SEO. I have no affiliation with that company. I just recommend them because they do good work.

And if you need, here is our tutorial with an introduction to marketing.

And a video explaining the fundamentals of what exactly marketing really is, which takes a look at what marketing really is from three different angles.

How To Create Your Own Blog Quickly

I have put together a tutorial for my business app users on how to easily create a blog in a day or two. Here is a full tutorial on how to set up your blog and get going in making money from your blog as early as today (if you are quick in setting it up).

Managing Expectations

As site owners, we all want our blogs to grow traffic exponentially. But often, that isn’t the case. In fact, the opposite experience is often the case. The growth is incremental, slow, and builds little by little over time. So if you as wondering whether blogging still works, the answer is yes, but likely not to the degree to which you are hoping. As with any business venture, try to understand what it will take to get to your financial goals in terms of pageviews, and time to get to those kinds of pageview numbers. If you go through this process the right way, more often than not, the answer is a bit sobering.

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