Tips, Ideas & Techniques For How To Do SEO Keyword Research

Tips, Ideas & Techniques For How To Do SEO Keyword Research

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When you are focusing on your inbound marketing, one of the most important components of this effort is your keyword research. This may sound like something very dry and boring, and it may very well be, but it is an absolutely necessary part of the process which should not be skipped. In fact, the process of doing your keyword research has to be done carefully and with quite a bit of savvy. There are many parts to it that need to go right and if some component is missing, it may damage your entire inbound marketing effort.  In this article, I will explain all the necessary components of your keyword research and how to do them correctly. Here is a brief video tutorial on keyword research to get you started.

Keyword Research To Determine Demand Of Keywords

The first concept to understand is demand. You must attempt to rank for keywords that are in demand by people who are searching. It doesn’t do you any good to rank for keywords that are very rarely searched. Even if you rank in Google for low-volume keywords, because there are few people searching those keywords, few people will discover your site.

Keyword Research To Determine Scale Of Demand

The flip side of the demand in keyword research is that you may be tempted to go after gigantic keywords. If for example, your website is selling shoes, then it would be amazing if your site ranked for a search like “buy shoes” or “shoes” because it would drive a great amount of traffic to your site. And that traffic would be likely to make large purchases, which would be absolutely great.

Keyword Research To Determine Competition

But keywords like that are extremely difficult to rank for because only the very large retailers like Amazon or Zappos rank on the first page of Google.  So you must choose keywords that have volume of demand, but at the same time in which you will be able to be competitive. If you can’t get into the first page of results, the entire effort is likely wasted because that page will never rank well and will never bring you traffic.

Keyword Research Tools

The Google AdWords keyword research tools is still a very nice tool. It is still useful to get keyword ideas. It used to be possible to understand how much search volume will come from particular searches, but Google took that feature out. But despite trimming its usefulness, the Google keyword research tool is still quite helpful.

Understanding How Keyword Research Is Part Of SEO

There can be no discussion of keyword research without the discussion of greater SEO and inbound marketing. Here are tutorials on how to get Google traffic and how to do inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is one of the best and most effective marketing methods of online marketing overall. Also, here is a brief video tutorial on inbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing Overview

Here is a brief video tutorial on how to do your inbound marketing correctly.

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Author: Alex Genadinik

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