Strategy, Tips & Ideas To Get Traffic With Inbound Marketing

Strategy, Tips & Ideas To Get Traffic With Inbound Marketing

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Inbound marketing is one of the gems of the Internet and online marketing. There are a couple of reasons why it is so important and useful to get traffic. The first reason inbound marketing is so coveted is that it is scalable. The next reason this method of website promotion is so useful is that once an inbound marketing channel has been established, typically it remains in place for quite a while, which means that as a marketer you can move on and focus on establishing more and more inbound channels. And the next (and possibly the biggest) reason that inbound marketing is so popular and effective is that typically, the site visitors who come to your site via inbound marketing channels are more likely to convert into clients because they tend to be better leads since they are coming to you, and are likely seeking out whatever services or products you are offering.

Here is a brief video tutorial on what is inbound marketing and how to use it to get traffic.

Inbound Marketing Channels

Of course, the biggest inbound marketing channel online is Google search. If you rank in Google for some search terms, you will get traffic from the people who are searching that term. Google traffic is obvious, but it isn’t correct to stop there. In case you need a brief introduction to Google search, here is our tutorial on how to get Google traffic.

But let’s get back to our current topic. There are many channels where people can find you. They can be YouTube, Quora, Yelp, mobile app stores, or any other platform where you have a presence.  So try to think about where your potential clients might be.

For example, if you have a dentist office, then you should have a presence on Yelp because people search for dentists on Yelp because it is a way to find local service sites. Now, of course, people also search for dentists in Google so if you have a website, people can find you in Google as well.

So the idea of inbound marketing is establish the channels where people might discover you on whichever platforms it may be advantageous to your business.

Keyword Research And Inbound Marketing

Keyword research may be a topic which sounds boring, but it is very important. After all, if people are going to be searching and finding you, what keywords will they be searching? And what keywords will bring you the best types of leads for your business?

Going back to the example of the dentist. Let’s say it is a dentist in Boston. A search like “dentist in Boston” is a great one for you. But a search like “doctor in Boston” isn’t good. Additionally, people may be searching for something like “my teeth hurt.” Now, is that a good search term for you? It is a good search term. But is it better than “dentist in Boston?” No! The search for “dentist in Boston” is the most direct thing to what you want those leads you want.

Here is a further video tutorial on keyword research, which is so incredibly necessary when you are focusing on inbound marketing.

Capturing your target market

If you have chosen the correct keywords, then ideally, the people within your target market will be the ones discovering your business via search. Here is a video tutorial in case you are interested in learning more about identifying your target market.

And here is a brief introduction to marketing in case that may be helpful to you.

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Author: Alex Genadinik

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