Books On Starting A Business And Marketing It To Reach Great Scale

Books On Starting A Business And Marketing It To Reach Great Scale

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I wrote two books. The first book is about going from business ideas to an operational business. And the second book is a marketing book that teaches you how to reach amazing scale.

Book On Going From Business Ideas To Starting A Business

The first book is based on my coaching over 1,000 entrepreneurs in my business coaching practice, and observing 300,000 entrepreneurs to research the common challenges entrepreneurs face on my mobile apps for planning and starting a business. This book takes people from business ideas.

The topics covered in the book are precisely the issues that entrepreneurs asked me about most frequently. And with such a large research sample size, I am confident that many topics in the book will be things that you are currently working on, or will be working on soon as you work on building your business. Here is the full description of the business idea book and here is the book on Amazon.

Marketing Plan & Strategy Book To Reach Great Scale

Once you have started your business, you will need to promote it and grow it. That is where this book will be pure gold. In this book I teach you how to get amazing scale for your business, advanced social media marketing and search engine optimization techniques. I also teach you how to get press coverage, and how to establish your own media channels in order to help you promote your business like a real pro. Here is the link to learn more about the marketing plan and strategy book and here is the marketing book on Amazon.

Facebook Marketing For Business Book

In addition to the two longer business books, I also recently wrote a book to help you promote your business on Facebook. Most entrepreneurs try to use Facebook to promote their business at one time or another. If you plan to use Facebook to promote your business, this book might help you quite a bit. Learn more about my Facebook marketing for business book to see if this is something that might help you grow your business, and here is the Facebook marketing book on Amazon.

Fundraising Ideas Book

Most entrepreneurs ask about how they can raise money for their business. In fact, almost all entrepreneurs, at one point or another, explore the possibility of raising money. Over time I’ve helped many entrepreneurs, and I have compiled a list of 10 fundraising strategies. In my fundraising ideas book I explain how to determine how much money you need to raise, and share 10 strategies to raise money for your business. Here is the fundraising book on Amazon.

Mobile App Marketing Book

After my own mobile apps reached 500,000+ downloads, and after coaching tens of mobile app entrepreneurs on how to promote their apps, I compiled a list of marketing strategies that proved to be effective. You can find the marketing strategies in my mobile app marketing book. Here is the mobile app business book on Amazon.

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