Facebook Marketing Book

Facebook Marketing Book

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I am excited to announce the publication of my Facebook marketing book on Amazon. This book is important because from my extensive research of hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs who have used my mobile apps for entrepreneurs, over 90% of first-time marketers and first-time business owners cited Facebook as one of the first places where they will promote their business.

In fact, most people’s initial marketing strategy goes something like “I will promote my business with business cards, flyers, word of mouth marketing, Facebook and Twitter.” If that sounds like something that you have in mind, then this book is truly for you.

In the book I explain what strategies are possible, and when particular strategies make sense to use. The problem most people run into is that while they want to do marketing via Facebook, they are often not sure what is possible, and aren’t aware of the correct strategies and practices. This book goes over just about every way you can promote your business on Facebook, and explains the nuances of each particular technique.

The book isn’t long. It is abut 20 pages and it is available on the Kindle. If you don’t have a Kindle, don’t worry. You can download the Kindle app on any smart phone, and get this book on your smart phone. So if you have an iPhone, Android, or an iPad, you can easily get this book.

Table Of Contents Of The Facebook Marketing For Business Book

i. Facebook is the first marketing strategy people think of
ii. Why just posting on Facebook is not enough
iii. Very little commerce happens through Facebook
iv. Pros and cons on using your personal profile to advertise on Facebook, and how to do it right.
v. Facebook business and fan pages
vi. Paid Facebook marketing
vii. Establish yourself as an expert
viii. What is the benefit of a like?
ix. How to grow your Facebook business page when you first start out
x. Facebook events
xi. Likes vs. shares
xii. How to make more engaging Facebook posts
xiii. Promoting visual products
xiv. Buffer app to automate Facebook updates
xv. How to build your product to increase sharing
xvi. Facebook marketing costs
xvii. Should you buy Facebook likes?

Video About My Facebook Marketing Book

Take a look at this video where I explain to you why I wrote this book, and why it might be very helpful to you.

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