Fundraising Ideas And Strategies Book

Fundraising Ideas And Strategies Book

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I am excited to announce that I recently wrote a fundraising book with 10 fundraising ideas and strategies. If you would like to learn by watching video, the information in the book is also covered in my fundraising course.

Fundraising is a very important topic when it comes to growing your business because almost all entrepreneurs, at one point or another, ask about how they can raise money. Raising money is very difficult in most cases, and your approach must be savvy and professional if you are serious about raising money. That is why I wrote this book. This book will teach you how to determine how much money you need to raise in the first place, and then go over ten fundraising strategies to help you raise money.

Not all fundraising strategies make sense for all businesses. That is why I compiled so many different fundraising strategies. Surely, at least a few of the tactics in the book will make sense for the kind of business that you are starting or growing.

Fundraising Book Structure

First, the book goes over how to determine how much money you need to raise. Most entrepreneurs will take as much money as they can get, but you can’t quite approach things that way. You must know how much you need to raise, and then create a solid plan to raise that money.

Once you are able to determine how much money you need to raise, the book goes over ten strategies to get that money. The first four fundraising strategies are standard, and the other six strategies are more creative and require some hustle and creativity. The first four strategies are getting an investment from investors, raising donations via crowdfunding and the traditional way, grants and loans. The other six fundraising strategies are something I will leave you to read in the book!

Video Explaining The Book

Here is a short video explaining why I wrote the book, and who the book is for.

How To Get The Book

The book is available on Amazon Kindle. If you don’t have a Kindle, don’t worry. You can download the Kindle app on any smart phone or tablet, and get the book through the Kindle.

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Video Explaining My Fundraising Course

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