Mobile App Marketing & Business Book

Mobile App Marketing & Business Book

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I am excited to announce that my mobile app marketing book is available on the Amazon Kindle. If you don’t have a Kindle, that is ok. The Kindle app is available on any smart phone or tablet, so if you have a smart phone or tablet, you can get this book. Additionally, here is the link to the mobile app business course (free sample lectures are available).

The book covers strategies that are effective to generate downloads for iOS and Android mobile apps. The book is pretty short because it doesn’t have to be long. It quickly outlines effective strategies, and lets you get to work implementing them. All the strategies suggested in the book are tactics that I used to promote my entrepreneur apps to get hundreds of thousands of downloads.

My Additional Books

Mobile app marketing works in a funny way. There are a few ways to get significant volume of downloads. If you can get any of those ways to work for you, then you can get your app to grow. But most people struggle to get a large volume of downloads for one reason or another.

Sometimes it is an issue of not being a strong marketer, and sometimes it is an issue of not having planned your app well as a business. Here is my book about going from business ideas to starting a business which has a chapter on business planning. Here is my marketing strategy book to help you understand how to reach a large scale of potential customers with your marketing. Additionally, here is a shorter Facebook marketing book and a fundraising book. Lastly, check out my publicity book on the Kindle.

Take My Mobile App Course

I recently created a full video-based course on how to create a successful mobile app business. If you find yourself needing additional help or one on one help, feel welcome to join our entrepreneur community.



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