How To Increase Your Word Of Mouth Marketing

How To Increase Your Word Of Mouth Marketing

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Word of mouth marketing is one of the first things that most entrepreneurs think about when they begin to plan their marketing efforts.  There are a few points that we need to address immediately. The first is that you need to get people into your business through channels other than word of mouth so that they can then become your word of mouth marketers. And the second is that just waiting for word of mouth marketing to spread about your business is not enough. In this article we will explain how to maximize your word of mouth marketing reach.

Increase Word Of Mouth Marketing With A Great Product

First thing is first. To get people recommend you, your business must be great, and the service that it provides must be really satisfying and delightful to people. Additionally, your interactions with customers must offer a very friendly and welcoming. Friendliness and how welcoming your business is, is often one of the top reasons people recommend a business to their friends. Additionally, if you have special offers, that can also increase your word of mouth marketing. But the two biggest factors to keep in mind is friendliness and the quality and professionalism with which the business operates.

Increase Word Of Mouth Marketing With Incentives

If you offer a great service, people will recommend your business when they are asked for recommendations. But people get asked for recommendations somewhat rarely. So even if you provide a great service, you will get a small word of mouth marketing effect if you do nothing about it beyond providing a great service.

The simplest thing you can do to increase your word of mouth marketing is to simply ask your customers to help you spread the word. Depending on the kind of business you have, simply asking people (make sure to do it tastefully) to recommend your business will increase your word of mouth marketing by 1-15%. Yet, let’s not stop there.

To increase your word of mouth marketing even more, see if there is a way that using your business with a friend can improve the overall customer experience. For example, playing a game by yourself is nice, but playing it with your friend is much more fun.  In my business planning apps, I added the ability for people to plan their businesses with their business partners. So people who have business partners started inviting them to download my apps. And even though starting a business is not very social, adding that feature increased my download total by 1-5% depending on the app (I have four types of apps. I’ll write more about my apps below).

The next thing you can try to do to incentivize people to recommend your business by word of mouth is to offer them deals or discounts. That can sometimes literally double or triple your word of mouth marketing reach because cash incentives or discounts motivate people quite a bit.

Don’t Hope For Word Of Mouth Marketing Just Because You Are Not Sure About Other Marketing Techniques

Many first-time entrepreneurs are not experienced marketers yet. So they are simply not aware of the kinds of marketing that they can do online and offline. In fact, you can quickly tell who is a first time entrepreneur by hearing what their marketing strategy is. Most first time entrepreneurs say that they will market their business with business cards, flyers, word of mouth marketing, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Does that sound familiar? If it does sound familiar, take a look at our introduction to marketing tutorial, and our online marketing tutorial, and our offline marketing tutorial to learn a number of the basic concepts. And here are some marketing videos that may be helpful.

Additional offline marketing strategies

Event marketing and handing out your business cards is a fantastic way to promote your business. But there are additional offline marketing strategies you can use to promote whatever it is you are promoting.  You can do flier marketing, door to door marketing, and even word of mouth marketing.

Here is a list of my best business books to help you start and grow your business as well as Udemy course discounts to my top online courses.

Further Marketing Resources

For more business-starting resources, please take a look at our business planning mobile apps. Here is the iOS business plan app and here is the Android business plan app.  Additionally, here is the iOS marketing app. And here is the Android marketing app. And here are our business apps on the Kindle. And here is an article where I give the argument that our Android apps are the best business apps on Android.

And please check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel where we cover many marketing topics.

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