Your Go-To Small Business Strategies for 2019

Your Go-To Small Business Strategies for 2019

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Optimizing Operational Effectiveness

If you’re going to be successful as a business, you’re going to need to make the greatest profit with the least expense. Infrastructure operates as a baseline from which profitable exploits are launched. The more sound and secure your baseline infrastructure, the more effective outward exploits will be.


Getting to this level of security requires cutting out all unnecessary expense, and honing your operational costs to a dependable, predictable figure. You want a margin of error, but the smaller that margin of error needs to be, the more effective your business is operating.


Following, several tips will be explored that will help you increase outreach effectiveness through optimal operations. Specifically, these tips will be aimed at Small to Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs). Properly applied, they’ll help you conserve resources and hone outreach strategy such that margins of error can be contracted.

Outsourced Tech Infrastructure

Cloud computing solutions can outsource your entire tech infrastructure, consolidate it, cut costs traditionally necessary in office management, and give you the ability to contend with more established competitors from the get-go. A cloud solution can give you the same network on-site server arrays would, but at a fraction of the cost.


An array of ten $10k servers is $100k. They’ll need to be replaced at three to five-year intervals, meaning you’ll need to spend at least $200k on hardware over the course of five years. That doesn’t account for the cost of shipping, installation, maintenance, or backup server arrays to support the network in time of crisis. Additionally, you’ve got space to contend with, and personnel.


Altogether it’s not without the realm of possibility to expect at least $350k in costs over five years, maybe even $500k depending on the cost of dedicated personnel. Meanwhile, cloud computing can give you the same utility at a fraction of that expense, and on a monthly basis which allows you to suspend services if something forces your SMB to tread water for a while.


Additionally, you can use BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) protocols to hire people appropriate to your operation’s needs from all over the world; and in a way which is cheaper than having them on-site would be. Keep on-site personnel who are necessary, and outsource the rest through a cloud network. You’ll have have the same operational ability as a business spending $100k more than you annually.

Get Out Of Debt


It’s simple, but it’s notable: pay off what you owe. As a small business, you’re going to come into situations where getting a loan is strictly necessary for profitability going forward. If you already owe a bunch of money to diverse creditors of one kind or another, it will be more difficult to secure necessary future loans.


Expect to lose money your first five years of operations. Still, through careful loan technique, you can build credit and increase your operational ability. You’ve just got to pay back your debts before taking on new ones. Ideally you can stay out of debt entirely, but business is cutthroat, and you may have an opportunity which only a loan can make happen, but which will pay off enough to justify the debt down the line.

Network, Network, Network

Regardless of your business, or the size of your operation, networking is fundamental to success. Your best clients, partners, and peers will be encountered through networking of some variety. Additionally this helps you identify and contend with competitors. Find new networking opportunities, and ensure those you already have are properly maintained.

Co-Opt Professional Financial Services

Find accounting services for small businesses which can help you maximize operational potential through proper tax management. As a small business, you can operate five years at a loss in some places.


Different regions have different requirements, but with financial accounting from professionals dedicated to SMBs, you can reduce what you’re liable for and give yourself additional time to reach profitability as your business expands.


Streamlined Operations

If you use professional financial services, network appropriately, always strive to overcome debt, and outsource infrastructure, you’ll have a greater chance of reaching optimal operations.


2019 will additionally see increases in decentralized IT like cloud computing, so keep that in mind. You could be in a position to save tens—if not hundreds—of thousands.


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