Marketing Plan & Marketing Strategy Book: How To Reach 1,000,000 People!

Marketing Plan & Marketing Strategy Book: How To Reach 1,000,000 People!

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I am very excited to announce the release of my marketing plan book which gives cutting edge search and social media strategies, and helps you create a great overall marketing strategy to reach 1,000,000 people. All the tips and strategies in the book are things I have successfully done myself so I know that these strategies work, and in the book I teach you how to get great exposure for your business as well. Here is the link to the marketing plan book. And if you like learning by watching video, here is the link to my full marketing course which is almost all video tutorials.

This book is the second in a 2-part book series. The first book in this book series focuses on how to go from business ideas to starting a business. Learn more about the first book here.

How This Marketing Plan & Strategy Book Will Help You

I wrote this book because I saw many people struggle to reach scale with their marketing efforts. Many first-time entrepreneurs and people who are just starting out in marketing need to learn quite a bit because Internet marketing is extremely competitive and is becoming increasingly complex.

In the book I teach marketing fundamentals, and then use those fundamentals to correctly create a marketing strategy for SEO (search engine optimization) to get traffic from Google and other platforms where search plays a large role in content discovery. I also teach how to leverage social media marketing. I realize that many people think that they understand social media marketing, but when most people are asked whether they are getting the traffic they would like from social media, their answer is typically no.

In this book I teach you very practical and actionable concepts that you can take, and apply to your business. Additionally, every strategy mentioned in the book is something that I have done with my own business. So this isn’t some theoretical knowledge. The material in this book comes from my own marketing plan and strategies which worked, and that I feel good about sharing with you because I am confident in these strategies.

Marketing Plan Book Table Of Contents


i. What is marketing: holistic combinations of 3 definitions
ii. True cost of your marketing: Free is not always free
iii. Why choosing the wrong marketing campaign will kill a small business
iv. Four Pillars of a successful marketing campaign: scale, cost, targeting and conversion
v. Setting goals, expectations, and metrics: KPI
vi. Leveraging big platforms
vii. Your sales funnel, conversion rates and a/b testing
viii. How to get great marketing ideas with purple cow
ix. How to create a great marketing plan
x. Common marketing mistakes
xi. What is direct marketing and how to do direct marketing
xii. Should you hire a marketing agency?
xiii. Last article in this section: The secret of marketing success


i. Strengths of offline marketing
ii. Marketing with business cards
iii. Presenting at events
iv. Selling in stores
v. Selling on your own to see customer reaction
vi. Door to door sales
vii. Marketing with flyers
viii. Marketing on your car or home
ix. Leverage your local community


i. Social media marketing mistakes
ii. How to do social media marketing right
iii. Facebook marketing
iv. Google+
v. Twitter
vi. Quora
vii. YouTube
viii. Podcasting
ix. Secret of large crowdsourced sites
x. Adding social sharing buttons on your website
xi. Viral coefficient: Calculate the virality of your site
xii. The net promoter score


i. SEO tutorial
ii. Inbound marketing
iii. Keyword research for SEO
iv. Case study of SEO beyond Google
v. Content marketing strategies
vi. Blogging and guest blogging
vii. Google penalties
viii. Cases when you can dominate the top-10
ix. How to do paid search marketing (SEM)


i. How to get press – 10 different ways to get press coverage
ii. Benefits of establishing a media presence
iii. Email marketing – how to build an email list
vi. Three types of referrals
v. Affiliate marketing
vi. How to sell products
vii. Mobile app marketing
viii. How to promote a local (service) business
ix. What is network marketing, and is network marketing a scam
x. Event marketing
xi. Growth hacking


i. Problemio case study
ii. HakaLabs case study
iii. Comehike case study
iv. Your company’s case study
v. How to reach a million people


Further Marketing Resources

If reading a hardcopy book isn’t your favorite way to consume information, I created mobile apps and online video-based courses to make sure you can learn marketing in a way that is most comfortable for you.

I created three online courses for marketing.  The most popular course is an SEO (search engine optimization) course. In the SEO course, I explain how to get traffic from Google search, and other big sites where search is one of the main content discovery mechanisms. Another popular course is the advanced social media marketing course. Most people claim that they know how to do social media marketing, but when asked how much traffic they get from social media, they will admit that they don’t get as much traffic as they would like. In this course I teach how to reach great scale with your social media marketing. The next course is the full marketing course that has the SEO and social media courses as parts of it. Lastly, there is also my affiliate marketing course for people who want to make money online.

If you find yourself being on the go, check out my mobile apps that help you learn marketing and how to start your business. Here is the full article describing my mobile business and marketing apps.

Get Publicity And Press Coverage For Your Business

I can help you get exposure on YouTube, podcasts and national radio shows. I can also help you with your SEO efforts. Here is the page explaining the different ways I can help you with publicity and press coverage.

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