Advanced Social Media Marketing Strategies To Get Scale And Customers

Advanced Social Media Marketing Strategies To Get Scale And Customers

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Social media marketing is ubiquitous these days. Everyone seems to be an expert in social media, but when you ask people how much traffic or exposure they are able to get with their social media marketing campaigns, most people admit that the results they see are underwhelming. In this article we will examine some common social media marketing mistakes and suggest some winning strategies to help you reach scale and get clients.

Beginner Social Media Marketing Strategy

Almost all first time entrepreneurs and beginner marketers opt for Twitter marketing strategies and Facebook marketing strategies as their first choices for promoting their business. Of course, those platforms have their own pros and cons for promoting a business and marketing via those channels should be a part of an overall sound marketing strategy.

This is a core difference. Most beginner marketers simply opt for the first option they know of rather than having an effective and savvy plan of action.

Social Media Marketing With Twitter

Promoting your business on Twitter is a fine idea, but it requires marketing taste. You can’t just blindly go promoting your business there. Most people don’t have a large following once they start. People tend to build an audience from tweeting or saying interesting things, providing some value, or doing something noteworthy.

Social Media Marketing With Facebook

To effectively promote your business of Facebook, you must look at it from two angles. The first way to consider Facebook marketing is to look at the free advertising options. And the second way to look at Facebook marketing is to understand the power of Facebook’s paid ad system.

As far as free advertising is concerned, all you need to know is that Facebook has no real interest in sending people away from their platform to your site. They strategically minimize the effectiveness of free marketing strategies like creating groups or fan pages by not showing updates to everyone in a Facebook group.

Facebook’s paid advertising can be quite effective for many kinds of businesses because Facebook allows you to target people by age, sex, interests, geography and much more. If you have a deep understanding of your target market, you may be able to effectively use Facebook’s paid marketing options.

But be careful to spend on advertising until you fully understand the lifetime value your business generates from each visitor or customer. Without knowing that, it is impossible to know whether you are generating a profit from your marketing efforts. Additionally, here are some articles about how to do paid marketing effectively and correctly calculating your marketing costs.

Social Media Marketing With YouTube

Personally, I love YouTube. You can check out my business YouTube channel and feel welcome to subscribe. YouTube allows you to make a face to face connection with your existing and potential customers. If you recall in our article about effective offline marketing strategies, making face to face connections is extremely important. And YouTube gives us a chance to do that at scale.

YouTube is also a search based platform. You can leverage your SEO and keyword research strategies to help your videos stand out on YouTube and get discovered.

Sharing vs. Following

Many people try to get others to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. But let’s look at social sharing another way. If people follow you on Twitter or like you on Facebook, that does not get you much initial benefit. Instead, if people share your product on their Twitter or Facebook pages, they give you exposure to however many people they have in their social network. And since some people have as many as thousands of people in their social networks, encouraging people to share is often much more effective for promoting your business than simply following or liking you. Here is an article with some additional ways for how to get professional and social medial referrals.

Establish Yourself As An Expert In Your Domain

Whatever you do during your social media marketing, you always want to position yourself as an expert in your domain. Being seen as an expert will make people trust you more and you will have a higher conversion rate for everything you try to do. One great way to position yourself as an expert in your domain is to get publicity and press coverage. Here is a tutorial on how to get press coverage for your business. Here is another article with tutorials on how to get free publicity.

Book, Mobile Apps And Courses To Help You With Social Media Marketing

If you feel that you may need to learn more about the right way to use social media marketing to promote your business, I created a number of resources to help you with just that. If you like learning by reading, I wrote a marketing book that teaches you strategies to get great scale for your business. Here is more about the marketing plan and strategy book and here is the marketing plan book on Amazon.

If you enjoy learning by watching videos, check out my advanced social media marketing course or take the social media marketing course on Udemy.

Additionally, I created some of the top Android and iPhone apps for learning marketing and creating a marketing plan. Here is my iPhone marketing app and here is my Android marketing app.

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Author: Alex Genadinik

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