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50 business ideas and websites to make money online: How to make money online

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In this video tutorial I explain how to make money online. But I don’t just explain it like everyone else does, I present 50 effective business ideas and websites, and explain some of the pros and cons of each of the strategies.

The first strategy is to start writing. Writing a blog is the simplest way to make money online and it doesn’t take too much skill. You can simply put up a WordPress website, and start writing blog posts. You can make money from those blog posts by publishing ads on them, selling affiliate products from the blog posts, or selling digital or physical products that you create.

The great thing about making money from a blog is that it allows you to package that information, and put it together into a Kindle book or a paperback book. Now you can make money online by selling books that you put together out of your blog posts. Isn’t that a great way to make your work go twice as far?

Another way to make money online is to sell services as a freelancer. You can post your services on sites like Fiverr, Odesk or Elance. The kinds of services you can sell are video creation and editing services, coaching, voice overs, promotion of others, and much more. Personally, I make money on freelance websites by selling digital products as well as my business coaching.

Another way to make money online is to focus on growing your email list. Once you have someone’s email address, you can send them promotional messages about anything else you will be selling in the future.

If you are able to create videos, I explain how to make money online with video in 4 ways. The first technique is through YouTube, and the other strategies have to do with creating online courses and informational products on sites like Udemy, Skillfeed and EduPow. You can also create your own membership site and sell your course through that.

Additionally, there is a great way to make money online, and that is with niche authority websites. Those are websites that focus on a small niche that they can dominate, and then sell products.

Few specific tutorials for making money online

Here is a tutorial with 25 strategies for how to make money on Udemy.

Here is a tutorial with 10 strategies for how to make money on Fiverr.

How to make money on Etsy:

25 affiliate marketing tips:

Business And Entrepreneurship Psychology

To start and successfully run a business, you must have a strong mindset, be determined to succeed, and never give up. There will be many challenges along the way, and some of those challenges will be psychological. You will have to deal with issues like anxiety, fear, trust and mistrust, learning to let go of things like your ego, and learning to be humble. To prepare you for that experience, here is an article on business psychology.

And here is a tutorial on how to become a good and successful entrepreneur.

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100 business ideas: discussion of 90 business ideas & 10 business idea theories

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Here is my book on how to go from business ideas to a successful business.

Here is my Udemy course on how to go from business ideas to a successful business. The course is video based and has over 5 hours of content spanning over 60 lectures.

In this video tutorial I talk about business ideas. I give 90 unique ones, and 10 business idea fundamental theories. My hope in creating this video was to make the most comprehensive video tutorial on business ideas that currently exists.

There are many top-100 lists that simply give random ideas. And then there are theories that people post on how to get feedback on your business ideas, how to know whether they are good, how to choose one idea over others if you have more than one, and much more.

But in this video what I tried to do was to give a holistic view of many different kinds of companies a person can start. This can range from a restaurant to a coffee shop to a service business to a website or an ecommerce store. In addition to simply listing the different ideas, I give a brief mini tutorial on each of the 90 business ideas I present in the video, explaining what the pitfalls and challenges of that business might be, and also how to win in each of the businesses I mention. I outline a successful strategy for just about all the different kind of companies you can start.

Some of the kinds of business ideas I mention in this videos have to also do with local service businesses like roofing, flooring, dentists, doctors, therapists, carpenters, handyman services, car detailing, mechanic shops, car dealerships, cleaners, tutors (I explain how you can do tutoring online and as a local service).

I also discuss business ideas like starting different agencies like website making agency, design agency, marketing agency, copywriting agency, and similar services.

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3 Types Of Business Risk: Financial Risk, Market Risk, And Product Risk

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There are three types of risk you should think about when evaluating a business idea. The first type of risk is obvious. It is simply financial risk that you are willing to take on. The other two types of risk have more to do with actually building and growing the business. They are the product risk and the market risk. Let’s take a closer look at all three.

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Bad Business Ideas & Business Idea Mistakes

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If you think about it, some very unusual business ideas have worked in the past. Conversely, it often happens that very common business ideas actually do not work. There are a few key reasons like overall strategy, positioning, marketing, degree of hard work, perseverance, availability of resources, timing, product quality, market and economic conditions, and much more.

As an example, consider a very common type of business: a restaurant. Many restaurants have been successful in the past while many have also failed. There are many things that have to go right starting from the planning stage. For example, if the restaurant is in an area where there are not many people passing by, it will be difficult and costly to acquire new customers. If the food is not great or too expensive for its quality, the restaurant will not have repeat customers and get bad online reviews which will work to turn new perspective patrons off. There are many things that can go wrong. The staff may be unfriendly. The economy might be weak. A better restaurant can open up next door. The business can run out of money before it breaks even. Or the founder just did not have enough knowledge or experience in the industry which caused too many mistakes to be made along the way.

So to make this kind of business successful, the founder has to make sure that as many of these issues can play in their favor than hurt them.

Mismatch of Business to Founding Team

Different people have different strengths. The founder does not have to possess all the core skills that the business requires. But together the nucleus of the founding team does have to possess the core skills required by a business.

For example, Internet/tech businesses typically require the founding teams to have a tech background. Food-related businesses require culinary or hospitality industry background. Product-centric companies require ability to make great products and sell them. Some businesses need to raise a lot of money while others need to get a lot of publicity. The founding team must have the skills for whatever the business will require.

If that is not the case, that will make the business more of an uphill battle.

Lack of Experience In a Field Requires Approximately 6-12 Months of Learning the Industry

If the founding team does not have strong experience in the industry in which the business idea is in, that will necessitate a lot of learning on the job, which will in turn cause many errors and steps in unsure directions. Small errors are not difficult to recover from, but gross mistakes can be very costly in terms of time and money. Before having to pay for these mistakes out of the bank account of your own business, it may be better to do some work in this area as an employee, or maybe start with a smaller project just to learn the ropes cheaply.

A common mistake is that people try to quickly go big in a business area where they do not have enough experience, which can be very damaging to the business. The bigger you try to go, the bigger and more costly the mistakes will be as well.

Lack of Circumstance-Idea Match

Sometimes the business idea is just too dependent on market and other outside conditions. If those conditions are not favorable to the business, it can be time to reconsider the business. Of course, conversely, most business types are cyclical (that means their success correlates with timing of the overall economy which tends to go through good and bad multi-year cycles).

So think about how the global and local economies will affect your business. Not taking that into consideration can leave you with significant risk.

Should You Protect Your Ideas

Our YouTube channel has many videos on topics like raising money, growing your business, insider marketing tips, business ideas, and much more. Please subscribe to our channel to get alerts when new videos are posted so that you don’t miss any helpful tutorials and tips.
There is always quite a bit of discussion and debate over the topic of protecting business ideas. Some people argue that you should keep it a secret while others insist that you should be free and open about it. The correct approach is likely somewhere in between the two extremes. If you are curious about this topic, take a look at our article about protecting business ideas.

Another option business owners have to protect their businesses is something called the non compete agreement which prevents the employee from stealing clients or going to work for companies that are directly competing with your company. Here is the full article on the non compete agreement.

Not Starting Your Business

One mistake people make is that they wait around for a source of funding for the business idea. Unfortunately, almost all the time, funding never comes to people who wait for it. And that causes the business never to even exist. To combat this type of a phenomenon, we recommend that you do something called bootstrapping. Here is a video on bootstrapping.

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Startup & Business Ideas Book

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I am excited to announce that I have published my first business book. Here is the link to the book on Amazon, and here is the link to my course on starting a business. When you get the course through this link, you will get a discount that is over 50%. The course has much of the same information as the book. The main difference is that the course is video-based.

Let me tell you why this is one of the most necessary books for first-time entrepreneurs. In this book, there is a balance of theoretical advice on solid business fundamentals, and real world case studies.

This book is the first in a 2-book series. After you learn how to start a business with this book, the second book teaches you how to do marketing like a pro, and get clients. Here is the link to learn more about the marketing book.
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Protecting Business Ideas With An NDA (Non disclosure agreement)

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Most people who start a business are private about it in at least some capacity. Even people who are relatively open about their business still do not want to disclose absolutely everything about what they are doing, and want at least some degree of privacy. In this post I will explain how you can protect your business ideas with legal mechanisms such as NDAs (Non-disclosure agreements) and a few common sense techniques.
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How To Choose A Great Business Name

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There are actually two business names that your business can have. There is the name that you use when you register the business with the state. That is used for legal purposes. And there is another business name you can use which is your general brand. For example, my mobile apps and website are branded under the Problemio name. But that is not the name of the business which I registered with the state.

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How To Improve Business Ideas And Make Business Ideas Better

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When we first get business ideas, they feel as though they are brilliant. There is also a feeling of excitement and a rush that overcomes us when we think that we have just stumbled on a brilliant business idea. But once the dust settles, we realize that in almost all such cases, the business idea may have potential, but needs to be improved and refined to be truly great and reach all its potential. In this article I will explain how to make your business ideas better. Here is a full blog post on how to get feedback on a business idea.
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