Course On How To Raise Money And Do Fundraising For Business

Course On How To Raise Money And Do Fundraising For Business

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I am excited to announce my course to teach you various ways to raise money for your business, project or a nonprofit organization. The course covers ten different ways for how to raise money. I came up with the course curriculum because I was constantly being asked by entrepreneurs about how they can raise money for their business. And since raising money is generally very difficult, over time, I had to research many fundraising strategies which would eventually be effective for raising money. The course is available on Udemy, which is one of the top sites for online courses. Here is the link to my course on fundraising and raising money where you can see the full curriculum and decide if this is something that would be interesting for you.

General Fundraising Course Overview

The course is almost all video lectures. The class is divided into a couple of sections. The first section gives you general business and fundraising fundamentals. For example, one of the lectures explains how to know how much money you will need to raise. Of course, you will take as much money as possible, but you can’t say something like that to an investor, or a lender. You must have a specific figure in mind.

The next part of the fundraising course covers specific tactics and strategies for how to raise money via various techniques. Those specific fundraising techniques are divided into two groups. The first group of strategies to raise money covers institutional fundraising techniques. Those are loans, grants, donations, and getting an investment. The second group of fundraising strategies focus on things that require creativity and resourcefulness and hard work on your part as the entrepreneur.

Other Business Courses

In addition to this fundraising course, I offer a few other business courses. A common business topic that many entrepreneurs ask about is how to plan a business. That prompted me to create the business plan course. This business plan course and the fundraising course are small parts in a larger course that teaches you how to go from business ideas to starting a business. Lastly, if you have dreams of creating the cool new mobile app, there is a course on how to create a mobile app business.

Additional Business Plan Resources

If you like to learn in other ways, I have a couple of other resources for you to help you with writing a business plan. First, I want to introduce you to my book which discusses this and much more. It focuses on everything you will need as you go from business ideas to starting your actual business. Here is more information about the business idea book.

Additionally, I created some of the top mobile apps on Android, iPhone and the Kindle. So if you want to learn this material on the go, the apps might be a great option. Here is more information about the business planning apps.

And, of course, if you would like personal mentoring and guidance, you can hire me to help you one on one. Here is more about how my business coaching practice works.

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