Introducing My Business Plan Course On Udemy

Introducing My Business Plan Course On Udemy

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This business plan course is available on Udemy, which is one of the top sites to create online courses. Here is the link to the Udemy business plan course. The course is almost all video, and should take between one and two hours to complete. When you are done with the course, you should be able to write your own business plan, and should feel much more comfortable with business planning in general.

Let me explain how I made this business plan course, and why I made it that way. Originally, I made business plan mobile apps that also acted as a small business plan course. One of the features in my mobile business plan app course allows people to ask me questions about their business plan. As I kept getting more questions, I kept noticing that entrepreneurs were making similar mistakes planning their businesses, and experienced very similar struggles. Because of that, I started adding educational articles and tutorials to the app, teaching people how to write a business plan, and how to write and think about various sections of a business plan. Over time, the app became both, a planning tool, and a small business plan course right on your phone.

The problem was that the app is a small piece of software on a phone. There was a somewhat limited number of tutorials that I could add to the app before making it cumbersome to use. For that reason, I first wrote a book on going from business ideas to starting a business.

Writing the book on this topic made me also want to create a full business plan course. In my Udemy business planning course I was able to share many more tips, ideas and strategies which I was not able to share on my business plan app because the app had a limited number of articles that I could realistically add to it.

Business Plan Course Structure

I organized the business plan course on Udemy into a few major sections. First, I cover business planning fundamentals. The bulk of the business plan course goes over each section of a business plan, and explains how to write that particular business plan section, while also explaining how to think about that part of your actual business. That makes this business plan course more practical than just a course on how to write a business plan document. I also devote a relatively large part of the course to the financials of a business plan because so many people tend to struggle with precisely that part of planning their business.

Business Plan Course Curriculum

Here are the individual lectures of the business plan.

1) What is a business plan
2) When you need a business plan
3) What is a business model
4) How long should a business plan be
5) Introduction paragraph or executive summary
6) Your product or service
7) What stage is your company in?
8) Your market size
9) Your target market & How to identify your target market
10) Your marketing plan and how you will promote your business
11) Your revenue streams and how you will earn money
12) Current team with tips on how to build a founding team
13) Competition
14) Cash flow statement
15) Unit economics
16) Previous funding
17) Customer lifetime value (LTV)
18) What is the profit margin, and how to calculate your profit margin

Other Business Courses

In addition to this business plan course, I offer a few other business courses. A common business topic that most entrepreneurs ask about is how to raise money. That prompted me to create a fundraising course. This business plan course and the fundraising course are small parts in a larger course that teaches you how to go from business ideas to starting a business. Lastly, if you have dreams of creating the cool new mobile app, there is a course on how to create a mobile app business.

Additional Business Plan Resources

If you like to learn in other ways, I have a couple of other resources for you to help you with writing a business plan. First, I want to introduce you to my book which discusses this and much more. It focuses on everything you will need as you go from business ideas to starting your actual business. Here is more information about the business idea book.

Additionally, I created some of the top mobile apps on Android, iPhone and the Kindle. So if you want to learn this material on the go, the apps might be a great option. Here is more information about the business planning apps.

And, of course, if you would like personal mentoring and guidance, you can hire me to help you one on one. Here is more about how my business coaching practice works.

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