Introducing My Udemy Course To Go From Business Ideas To Start A Business

Introducing My Udemy Course To Go From Business Ideas To Start A Business

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I want to share with you an amazing course that I created. The course helps you go from having business ideas to actually starting your business.

Here is the link to the full course on Udemy on how to start a business so you can browse the list of lectures, and here is my full book on how to go from business ideas to starting a business.

The course covers many topics that come up when going from business ideas to actually starting a business.  The course is almost all video content, and has 50 lessons. The lessons come from over 1,000 business questions that were asked by entrepreneurs who are using my business apps. I literally pulled the 1,000+ questions from my database, organized them, and grouped them into 50 general topics that were asked about most frequently. And those 50 topics became the course curriculum for this Udemy course. That ensures us that the material covered in the course will be very relevant to the challenges or questions you may be facing now, or will be facing as you start your business. Here is the course for going from business ideas to start a business.

Business Idea Course Sections

There are 5 general sections in the course. The first section is meant to give you solid business idea fundamentals. After all, the business idea is the architecture on which the rest of your business will be built. So it is extremely important that you get a solid business idea. The first section of the course covers topics like how to get business ideas, how to know which ideas are good, how to choose a business idea if you have more than one, and much more.

The second section in the course teaches you how to protect the intellectual property of your business. The topics covered are patents, trademarks, copyright, non disclosure agreements, and non compete agreements.

The third section in the course covers how to write a business plan. The individual lectures in the business plan section explain how to write every section of a business plan from how to organize your financials to choosing your revenue model, your target market, and much more.

The fourth part of the course covers how to raise money for your business. I give to different suggestions for how you can raise money for your business. I start with 4 strategies to raise money from institutions such as loans, grants, investments, and raising donations. After that I get into more creative ways you can raise money.

Finally, in the fifth part of the course I explain how you can actually start your business.

Other Business Courses

In addition to this full business course, I offer a few other business courses. One of the chapters in the course focuses on raising money. You can take the fundraising course as a stand along course. Here is the link to learn more about fundraising course. In addition to the fundraising course, there is a business plan course that is a part of the full course which you can also take as a standalone course. Lastly, if you have dreams of creating the cool new mobile app, there is a course on how to create a mobile app business.

Additional Business Resources

If you like to learn in other ways, I have a couple of other resources for you to help you with writing a business plan. First, I want to introduce you to my book which discusses this and much more. It focuses on everything you will need as you go from business ideas to starting your actual business. Here is more information about the business idea book.

Additionally, I created some of the top mobile apps on Android, iPhone and the Kindle. So if you want to learn this material on the go, the apps might be a great option. Here is more information about the business planning apps.

And, of course, if you would like personal mentoring and guidance, you can hire me to help you one on one. Here is more about how my business coaching practice works.

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