The Key To Standing Out In Business

The Key To Standing Out In Business

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Getting ahead in business is a challenge that’s only getting bigger.

Standing out amidst a sea of competitors can be a real struggle, especially since most enterprises run slick and robust marketing and social media campaigns. The ability to find your voice, find your market and make your voice heard among the chorus of others all claiming to be the best is a difficult, but not impossible, set of skills to develop.


The differentiation game

Every business is unique, but getting clients and consumers to recognise that can be incredibly problematic. The key is to be able to differentiate yourself, your business and your product in an overcrowded landscape.

What will make you stand out is a matter of awareness; awareness of your product, awareness of your brand and awareness of your specialism. When you have a firm understanding of what you do better than absolutely anybody, you can begin to build your brand accordingly.

Building your image

The key to successful brand image is a combination of being concise and consistent. In real terms this means:

  • Make sure you have a distinctive and engaging logo. Finding a graphic designer to do this can be done easily and surprisingly affordably on People Per Hour.

  • Be consistent with your branding and ensure that you use fine stationery such as business cards, letterheads and envelopes and keep the typeface and color scheme consistent across your communications and marketing.

  • Try to sum up your business’ image in one clear concise sentence. Being able to sum up everything that makes your business unique in a snappy soundbite is a great way to make your business stand out.

Know your niche

By rule of thumb, the most successful businesses know their niche and cater exclusively to that niche. There’s a reason Starbucks hasn’t branched into fine dining and Nike don’t offer a line of formalwear.

The best businesses focus on a problem that the consumer may have and focuses on solving it in a unique or bespoke way. Your business identity depends on your ability to convey the unique way that you solve that problem even if that problem is something as quotidian as empty bellies.

For example, if you run a restaurant that serves fresh, handmade vegan foods then building the identity of that business must focus on the ethical values that your target audience will have as well as the value that they place on fresh, hand made and sustainably sourced foods.

Naming such a business, for example, “Ted’s Cafe” communicates absolutely none of those values.

Build a relationship with your target buyers

Other businesses may offer similar products to you, they maye even employ similar branding. But your voice is yours and yours alone and how your buyers relate to your voice can be a crucial factor in standing out from the crowd.

Interacting with existing and prospective customers on social media is a great way to start to build this relationship, as is setting up a blog.

Establishing your own, unique voice is one of the most reliable and personal ways to stand out and form lasting relationships with your consumer base.


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