How To Raise Money With Bitcoin

How To Raise Money With Bitcoin

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Many entrepreneurs (almost all of them) wonder about raising money for their start-ups either before or after they start. It is just a natural place where the mind wanders. Raising money is difficult, so in this post we’ll explore an unusual way to raise money for your business by leveraging the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Here is a video tutorial on how to raise money with Bitcoin.

Raising Money In Bitcoin

Since Bitcoin helps micro-financing, it can also help start-ups to raise capital with their projects with micro-financing. Just to make sure that there is no confusion, your company does not have to be a Bitcoin company. This option is simply to raise money with that currency. There are options available with Bitcoin that are not available with dollars or banks. When you raise money with dollars, you typically have to go through institutions like banks or investors. You must show traction, and a viable product, and there are many gatekeepers. These options are very exclusive.

The same is true if you would like to become an early stage investor. It is a very difficult thing to do because it is difficult to get access to the best start-up companies in which you can invest. Again, there are many gatekeepers and lots of friction.

With Bitcoin, this changes. A company named CryptoStocks (as in crypto-currency) enables you to list your company on that site, and sell shares of your company to real people who would buy shares of your company with Bitcoin instead of dollars. You can then trade those Bitcoins for dollars elsewhere if that is what you want to do. You can also use your Bitcoins to invest in other companies listed on CryptoStocks. Essentially CryptoStocks acts as a public market such as the Nasdaq or the Dow Jones. But the companies that trade on CryptoStocks are typically small start-ups that need extra funding.

On CryptoStocks, you can browse companies that are available to trade and buy/sell shares right away. That means that if you are able to list your business on this exchange, regular people can begin to invest in your company.

Keep in mind, if you are based in United States, you have to be aware of the SEC rules and regulations to use a site like this. Make sure you research the current laws and regulations for your particular business before you post your business on CryptoStocks.

Full disclosure: I have NO business relationship with CryptoStocks.

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