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Why Becoming A Teacher Isn’t As Easy As You Think

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Becoming a teacher can often seem like a glamorous idea to some people. The idea of the roles switching and them being the ones teaching children or young adults is empowering. Seeing someone learn something because you taught it to them is a wonderful feeling.  Alas, there are downsides to teaching, and in this article is going to be some reasons why teaching isn’t as easy as you think.

Home life is the first thing that becomes affected when you take on the role as a teacher. You will not only be setting your students homework, but you will have to take many papers home to grade, and create lesson plans for the following days and weeks to come. Unfortunately, there’s no time given to you within school hours to do these tasks, so work does follow you home (unless of course, you want to be grading on your lunch breaks.)

Sometimes, stresses from your day like awkward or naughty students can also affect your home life, and likewise with anything at home too. Things going wrong within your home can distract you from teaching; meaning you have to make sure that you’re able to leave problems at home for the sake of your students.


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Another thing you need to think about before becoming a teacher is becoming certified to work. Some states require you to get yourself certification before working, or at least prefer you to have one so that you can prove you’re planning on staying in this career. Florida, for example, have this procedure in place. Read about the certification rules in Florida here: Of course, if your state doesn’t require this, or you live outside of the US, then this isn’t something you necessarily need to think about, but it’s always worth checking.

Meeting targets with your students is a big reason that teachers find their job difficult. You could have the best behaved class in the school, but if they’re unable to meet targets and learn from you, then you will be the one at fault. Make sure that the lesson plans that you’re creating are age suitable for the classes that you will be teaching, and you should find that your students follow suit as desired.

Another problem is that if something else goes wrong with a student’s school life like being bullied or misbehaving, the blame always comes back to the teacher. Parents will report any problems to the principal, who will then have a meeting with you and the parents together and you can guarantee, you’ll get the blame.

The role of teacher doesn’t always mean “teaching” either. If a child is upset or nervous you must console them and make them feel happy with their surroundings and classmates. If a child suddenly becomes sick, you’ve got to deal with them, all while trying to keep the rest of your class occupied at the same time. You’ve got to teach students discipline, and how to behave in the outside world (which sometimes, if a parent doesn’t agree with your methods, that’s another reason to have blame pinned on you.) You’re literally moulding part of this generation’s future, and you’ve got to achieve this in the small amount of time you spend with them each day.

Becoming a teacher isn’t as simple as attending college and earning the right degree. Once you’ve got the job as a teacher, you can expect to attend regular training to make sure that you’re teaching your students the most up to date research and methods. You can also rest assured that all of these training sessions will be within your own time, not when you’re meant to be at school.

Leading on from the point of free time, teachers also have to plan their lives around the school terms. Although the summer holidays may be nice, that’s the only proper break that teachers have because when it comes to half terms, they’re often off training to better their knowledge for their students.

Of course, being a teacher isn’t all bad at all, otherwise nobody would choose to do it for a living. Teaching brings so much joy into many people’s lives, and allows you to meet so many wonderful students. Students that you could potentially be giving the inspiration to for their career choice. You’re also always keeping your brain on the go, and challenging your mind to learn new things. It’s certainly not an easy job, but definitely worth it!

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Is Your Business Reaching Its Potential?

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When you first start your own business, it’s easy to believe that it’s going to take off and reach its potential in no time at all, but that isn’t always the case. In fact, you may even find that you have to put in a lot more time and attention that you originally realized. Because a business often needs to be nurtured and steered in the right direction before it’s ready to take off. However, it’s not always easy for you to know how it takes to achieve that. So if you’re looking to ensure that your business is currently on the right track to success, let’s see what you can do to make it happen.


You will find, that in order to grow at the pace that you want, you have to be able to promote your business. Even if it doesn’t come naturally. If you’ve never been all that good, take a look at examples and ideas like these to get you inspired. When you start to try things that you’ve never done before, you should find that you’re able to get some results, and narrow down on the best promotional tactics for your business.

Audience Growth

Next, you should think about growing your business audience. Regardless of the industry that you’re in, or what products you sell, you should be on social media, or even have a blog. By growing your reach in either or both of these areas, you should be able to find more traction for your business. It’s not going to be easy, and it will take time, but by increasing the audience that you engage with, you should also find that your customer base increases too.

Income Ideas

At the same time, you should be thinking about the different ways that you can bring more money into your business. If you sell a product online, you may also want to think about how the online market can increase your income. You should find that extra revenue streams, like producing an ebook or even working with affiliates, can help you out here. But you need to have the ideas to get you started in the first place.

Product Innovation

Next, you also need to be thinking about your product line itself. Because sometimes, the products that you have aren’t reaching their potential. Whether you choose to invest in research and develop to improve what you’ve got or even come up with an innovative new product, you should find that putting more time and attention into this area will help your operations immensely.

Increased Traffic

And finally, you’re also going to want to think about how you can bring in more traffic to your blog. Increasing the traffic to your website can be done in a range of ways, as this post on shows us. But you need to be able to work with a method that is going to bring you the best results. So trial out a few different ways and see if you’re able to find a solution to increase your traffic.

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Your Ideal Audience Is out There—You Just Need to Find It

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Customers are the most important partners that you’ll make when it comes to business. It goes without saying that without buyers, your products are pretty much useless because they sit there and do nothing for you. Ultimately, you’re going to want to define your own audience and you can typically do this by targeting them specifically, but how do you do this?

There are many different ways to target your audience, but the most common method is via price and quality of your products. Targeting budget-oriented customers or high-end quality customers are easy because they’re both on the extremes of the spectrum. You don’t need to balance out price versus quality in both scenarios because your focus is just one of them, which is what makes price targeting such an effective method of building your ideal audience.

Let’s take a look at why and how you can target your audience based on the price they’re paying for what they get.


Cheap and Cheerful

The first option is to go cheap and cheerful. This strategy is also known as cost leadership, and you can find a more in-depth description in Heartrepreneur’s take on cost leadership. When you think of companies like Wal-Mart, McDonald’s and even IKEA, you typically think of budget-oriented things. This is one of the strengths of cost leadership; when you target budget oriented people, you usually attract a wider audience and the name of your company branches out to more people. Essentially, your entire claim to fame will be based on how accessible and reachable you are compared to other companies.

This essentially becomes your niche, which is why you need to focus all of your resources on building the cheapest products at the best quality. Although you can sometimes sacrifice quality, there’s a certain limit that you can’t go below or else you’ll compromise the integrity of your company. You have to know how to balance quality and price, but you should always lean towards the side of sacrificing quality for cost as long as the product retains its intended use.

Expensive and Exclusive

The other option is to go for the other end of the spectrum. When you make your products expensive, they either need to be exclusive or they need to warrant the cost. For instance, if you’re spending $100 on creating a product that you then sell for $150, you’re not exactly making a huge profit but it does warrant the price because of the investment required to make the product itself. This usually means that your product is better quality, has a longer lifetime and is, in general, better than cheaper competition.

The other option is to create something that is exclusive in order to warrant the price. If you ever see fashion brands selling exclusive collaborative garments and accessories, then you’ll understand how it works. By telling your customers that you’re only doing a limited run or print of something, you can sell it for a huge profit just because it’s exclusive.


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Things That Are Easy To Forget When You Run Your Own Business

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The number of people who are running their own business is increasing. With the rise of online and digital service, it’s now become even easier to become your own boss and take control of your career. When you freelance or run your own business, it can be easy to forget some business fundamentals that you may have taken for granted when you were working for an employer. Below you’ll find a useful reminder of the key things you need to remember when running your own business.

Image: Pexels

Managing your time

When you work for a company, you will usually have set hours and conditions that define your working day. While running your own business means that you can be more flexible with your working hours, you run the risk of either working too little or too much by not managing your time effectively. Reading tips on managing your time can help you to learn how to prioritize work tasks and plan your day effectively, while stopping you from working late hours and impacting on your personal life.

Paying your taxes

This point may seem laughable, but you’d be surprised at the number of self-employed people who fail to pay their taxes. In many cases, this is not due to tax-avoidance, rather they are used to paying taxes through their employer and are either unfamiliar with the process, or it doesn’t cross their mind. When you set up a business or you start working as a freelancer, you should hire a CPA firm to handle your tax returns and make sure that you pay what you owe. Hiring a professional to handle your finances helps reduce the risk of paying too little tax, while also stopping you from paying too much.

Marketing yourself

Depending on the industry you work in, you may never have had to carry out marketing activities before. Marketing is an essential part of business success, allowing you to find new customers and clients and promote your services to others. An effective marketing strategy can help raise awareness and boost your profits, but it’s difficult if you don’t know where to start. By seeking ways to market your business effectively you stand a better chance of turning your business into a success and connecting with others. Many common marketing methods, such as social media marketing, are free – meaning there’s a lot of room to experiment with different methods to find the one that works for you.

Your motivation

Perhaps most crucially, it can be easy to lose your motivation when your business encounters a rough patch. Keeping your business successful when faced with tough times can be difficult, and you’ll need that drive and motivation that got you started to continue. Remind yourself of your goals and business objectives, while a life coach can also help you to find the drive to succeed. Focus on what made you start your own business in the first place and let that carry you forward.

With the right business advice and planning, you can ensure that your business succeeds. Educate yourself through business texts and courses and become the successful business leader you can be.

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Extra Revenue Streams That Everyone Can Add To Their Business

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If we were to start a game of ‘Word Association’ using the word ‘business’, around 90% of players would follow up by shouting ‘MONEY’ at the top of their lungs. That is because the two are synonymous. A business where the primary focus isn’t sales is a charity. That is why your primary focus is no doubt improving your bottom line and maximising revenue, and one of the most effective ways of achieving this is by creating new revenue streams within your business.

It doesn’t matter what your business is – whether it is product-centric or service-based – being able to increase the amount of revenue sources is going to wonders for our success. The big question still remains, though, and that is how? How can you create more revenue streams to your current business?

Well, to help you out a little bit, we have pulled together a selection of ideas that you may want to consider exploring as you move forward. You may be surprised at how quickly your original source of income becomes your secondary source.

Add To Your Current Offering

A lot of small business owners realize that the best way to enter a market is by focussing on a specific niche and expanding from there. However, knowing how to expand on your original offering can be quite hard to wrap your head around, especially when you are so invested in what you do already. However, it could be easier than you first realized. Let’s say you run a landscaping business, one that specializes in lawn care. You might just find that adding pool maintenance to your services is easier than you thought. After all, you have the means to offer it – bar the specialist equipment – and it is a maintenance issue that burdens homeowners. By adding more services to your current offering, what you will find is that you gain new clients, satisfy current ones and improve on your revenue without much upfront investment.

Get Into Affiliate Marketing

If you are already an established company with a large number of clients or customers then you could find that affiliate marketing offers one of the most effective ways of adding numerous revenue streams to your business. As the experts at put so poetically, affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a second revenue stream, and all it takes is networking. Sure, it may take a little bit of time before you learn the ropes but, once you do, wow, it really is a great way to sell products and services that aren’t yours. That means there is very little risk and yet a very good chance of earning a healthy income, which is because you are essentially a broker.

Offer Training Course

People see the value in paying for training courses because, well, as the old saying goes, “give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and you will feed him for life.” It could be that you offer training courses that help people maximise what they are getting out of their initial investment, or it could be a training course that helps people better understand the marketplace that you operate within. Neither of these is too strenuous to create and, if you are clever about it, could open up more than just the one additional revenue stream. You see, you could offer live workshops that people can come in and attend, for a premium price obviously. You could then record these workshops and sell the videos for a discounted price, not only creating an additional revenue stream but a passive one too. Now that would be a truly awesome route to succeed at.

Benefits Of Business Blogging

More and more small-businesses are starting to understand just how beneficial a blog can be in helping them become a thought leader in their industry. That is the most beneficial reason to add a blog to your operations. However, what could come off the back of this is an additional revenue stream and, yes, another passive income. Of course, it is worth mentioning that this is not a fast way to riches. Instead, it is something that requires a lot of understanding, a lot of time and a lot of work, so it could be worth outsourcing this task. What works is an understanding of SEO, great content and social media marketing and, by work, we mean these will help your blog start to become successful at selling associated products and service, as well as good old fashioned advertising space.

Get On The eBook/Podcast Thing

Another great way to add a passive revenue stream is to write and publish an e-book and stick it on your website for all to see. This way you will be offering people a resource that educates them on a certain topic that they find valuable. This could be how to find a supplier abroad, how to master online marketing, how to start a business or just about any area of self-development in business. If you have no idea how to do this, why not pick up an e-book on the topic and see what they say. The rest is easy, especially with the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform. Like we said, this will add more value to your service and that is what will build trust with your clients and customers as well as extend your reach. Of course, it doesn’t have to be the e-book route that you go down. It could just as easily be that you produce an audio book that specializes on the niche topics we mentioned above. This could be a one off or it could be a series of audiobooks that are available to email subscribers. To get this right, though, you need to make sure you can offer high-quality production as well as great content that people find valuable.

As you can see, it doesn’t matter what industry or sector you operate in, or whether you have a product or service based business, there are plenty of ways to add revenue streams to your operations.


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Automation Is Bringing Changes To Businesses Across The Nation

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Automation is still a fairly new idea despite the fact that it’s been around for quite some time. While technically a paradox, this is absolutely true. Automation has been a major part of the business world since the industrial age when technology started to play a far more crucial part in manufacturing companies around the world. The difference is that now, it’s evolving in new and often incredible ways. It’s becoming such an important part of the puzzle for business owners. We’re going to look at some examples of how automation is being used now, how it could be used in the future and what this might mean for the business world as a whole. But before we explore these possibilities with key examples, we do need to consider what automation actually means.

What Is Automation?

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Automation is introducing processes into the business model that are automated. Essentially, today, this means that humans need to have very little input into the process at all except perhaps to set up the software that runs it. Now, as we said, this form of business processing has been around for quite some time. In the past, in manufacturing businesses, employees would have needed to pull a machine down hard to cut or press metal. In the seventies, this became automated with technology sensing when the metal was under the cutter and bringing it crashing down. Immediately, the role of the worker was greatly reduced, and we will explore what this means further down.

There are other forms of automation as well. Automation can be software. You can use software to complete processes that before would have needed to be completed manually. An example of this type of process would be call handling. Call handling used to require a massive staff of workers, on the phone, speaking to customers. But it doesn’t mean that anymore. Now, the number of workers hired for call handling can be very small indeed. Instead, customers speak to software for processing. It might even sound human, but of course, it’s just a piece of tech with ones and zeroes controlling how it operates. These days, they often use voice recognition to make responses as fluid as possible. People used to be irritated with this type of call handling, but the benefits, no pun intended, speak for themselves.

A lower number of workers means that this area of a business is now cheaper to run and far more efficient. This is just one of the benefits of automation that should be considered.

Benefits Of Automation

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The biggest benefit of automation is that it gives smaller companies a better chance at competing on the market. In the past, they were at a disadvantage because larger companies could afford to hire more workers. This, of course, has changed. Now, it’s easier for companies to stay close to the heels of their competitors because rather than paying wages to more workers, they can just buy new software. As long as a business is up to date with the latest tech, they are able to complete.

Since it’s also cheaper to run a business like this, that also means that startups have a better chance of succeeding on the market. In a world where 97 percent of startups fail this is a massive win. Particularly, since we need startups to succeed to push the market forward and introduce fresh ideas and innovation.

However perhaps the biggest advantage for business owners that can not be disregarded is that sheer level of savings. It’s quite possible that in a few years a business could be run by one person. We’re not talking about an online simplistic model like a blog here either. We mean a full office or factory. Automation really could make this a possibility and just think about what this would mean not just for the individual profit margin but the spendings as a whole. Aside from energy costs and the general costs of a building, all others would be wiped out. So, let’s explore some of the ways that automation is now being used in the business world today. We’ve already explored a few, but we can go deeper.

Automation Today

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Arguably the biggest buzz around automation right now is driverless vehicles. If you think this won’t affect the business world, you’re not paying attention. It seems to always be one step forward and two back with this tech. One minute, Uber are introducing driverless cars, the next they’re pulling them back because of a crash in Arizona and reintroducing cars with drivers. What you’re seeing here is the growing pains of new tech. You have to remember, ten years ago this tech never existed. So, it makes sense that it’s going to grow into what we need it for. But it will grow, and the logistics industry will never be the same. As soon as the tech is ready and available, you can forget about truck drivers. You’ll soon see trucks driving along the road with no one in the front seat. You should expect to see major developments here within the next year.

Of course, the main way the tech is being used right now is with software in offices. For instance, invoices can now be handled automatically. There’s no longer a need to hire someone to sort out your invoices. Instead, with the click of a button, everyone who needs to be paid, can be paid. This isn’t the only way automation is changing office processes. You can view more at DataServ or a similar tech software company. But you should definitely consider HR automation software management. Now, every file or piece of software related to automation can be managed directly, ensuring that all the files are accessible and sent to the right part of your company.

In factories, automation is definitely showing it’s teeth. Go into a factory today, and while we’re not quite at the point where it’s completely automated, you’re likely to see more machines than humans. This makes a great deal of sense as humans are a liability in factories and factories can be very dangerous places. By removing as many of the staff as possible, the danger can be dramatically limited.

Finally, in the food industry, we are starting to see the rollout of automated servers and food preparation. The first evidence of this has been seen in Japan with robotic waiters. It won’t be long before this tech is introduced into to restaurants across the world.

Automation In The Future

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The potential for automation in the business world is absolutely endless. Any process that you can think of could one day be automated. For instance, you might be a writer. Well, the technology is being developed right now to make your job redundant. And we’re not just talking about promotional content here. People have been toying with tech that could write a book such as the next Harry Potter or finish Game of Thrones. While the software is, again, still at a primitive stage, it’s probably only about ten years out from being used on the market. In fact, The Washington Post is already known to partially use software like this.

In essence, automation could take over any job in any industry that you could imagine. The only job that is truly safe is that of the developers creating the tech in the first place. This is one of the reasons why there has been an increased support for IT courses at colleges worldwide and also why there has been an increased demand for these types of course. People are becoming brutally aware that IT and technology is the only job that will be secure in the future.

What Does This Mean?

Pic Source

Well for business owners, it’s nothing but good news. Lower costs, lower number of staff, more efficient processes all point to higher profits and reduced spending. But for workers, things are a tad more bleak. If the level of automation continues to grow, we’re going to need to take steps to protect the individuals who no longer have any place in the business world. This is why Elon Musk suggested that we needed a universal living wage by 2020. This gives you an idea of the type of time frame we are under at the rate that tech is growing today.

It is worth pointing out that a universal living wage is not a new idea. Some countries have already introduced this possibility. Finland is trialing a basic living wage for the unemployed, and other countries could follow if it is successful. The bottom line is that automation is bringing huge benefits for business owners and industries and it is impossible to ignore this. However, it is also going to present problems for the future.

At the very least ten years from now, the business world will likely be completely different from what we know today. We are in the middle of another technological revolution, we just haven’t fully realized it yet.

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Beating Your Business Blues: Keeping Your Business Profitable and Productive

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When your business starts to encounter problems, it can be easy to feel isolated and under untold amounts of pressure. But there are several practices that can help you to keep your business afloat, or dig your way back out of debt and into the black if needs be. Here are a few sage pieces of advice that any struggling company owner needs to take into account.


Image Source

Ask for Help

As a business owner, it can often be difficult to swallow your pride and ask for a helping hand from others within the company or third parties outside of the company. However, when your company is on the line, it is usually the right thing to do. Asking for advice from others does not indicate weakness and rather shows humility and highlights your sensibility when it comes to keeping your business afloat. Remember, multiple minds are greater than a single mind working alone. Others you reach out to may have had similar experiences and can thus recommend plans of action. Alternatively, they may have alternative specialist knowledge that can come in useful during your time of need.


Picture Source

Take Control of Your Cash Flow

Any good business person will know that you need to maintain a positive cash flow for business success. This essentially means that your company is bringing in more money than it is spending. Taking control of your cash flow not only ensures that you have a good working knowledge of your current finances at all times, but it will guarantee that you have plenty of cash at hand to make investments where necessary. Remember, you need to spend money to make money. This is where can help you drastically. A business line of credit allows you access to cash at relatively short notice, which you can invest in any area of your business. You then simply have to pay it back in small installments at a speed to suit both you and your lender. Perfect!


Photo Credit

Maintain Communication

When things start going wrong, many of us are prone to sinking our heads into the sand and hoping that issues will go away of their own accord. Sadly, this isn’t usually the case and the longer you leave problems, the more they will develop and the more difficult they will be to tackle. So, it’s important that you maintain effective communication with partners in all aspects of the business. Whether this is creditors, clients or staff. You need to be open and honest. This is the best approach as once the truth is out, you can start to work together to make the best decisions for your company to progress. Creditors may be able to reduce your minimum repayments, clients may allow you longer to deliver on orders and staff may be willing to take on fewer contracted hours or extra overtime, depending on the business’ needs.

So, no matter how bad things may seem, remember that there is a way out of your business blues. Follow these simple steps and you will soon see that the future for your company begins looking a whole lot brighter.


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High Engagement: Become Your Customer’s Online BFF

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If you’ve started an online business; you should already understand the importance of keeping your consumer traffic up so that you’ll have plenty of conversions and growth in your brand. You need to attract the right audience to your company and make them happy enough to invest with you and return to do so again. By building a loyal following of brand ambassadors; you’ll also be utilizing the free marketing that they can provide a small business, and your customer influx will increase in no time.

With such a heavily saturated online space; it can be a challenge to ensure that your brand is seen. Therefore, it’s worth taking some time to invest in your online presence and what you’re offering your audience and potential clients and customers. The following are some tips and ideas who want to give their new business a boost and engage more with those who can help create a successful brand.


Image source:

Be A Friendly Online Voice

To keep up the momentum of your consumer engagement; you need to become a voice that they want to listen to. If your brand identity is relatable and approachable; you’ll be more likely to attract those seeking light relief from their time spent on the internet. Look at what larger companies are doing; follow them and see what they’re posting and when. You’ll be able to get a sense of what images, blogs, and articles, and posts work well for their engagement. Even if you start with the aim of a certain amount of likes, comments, and shares each week; it’ll get you off to a positive start and you can continue to build on your following.

There’s nothing wrong with reusing a popular image, video, or meme; your social media platform could be the first place a person comes across it, so if something is trending you should utilize it. Make sure you credit the source; this will also help with building relationships online, strengthening your brand identity and business, and letting your target audience know that you’ve arrived.

Whether it’s through your website, your social media, or a direct email; always respond and answer questions as soon as you can. People appreciate fast responses and quality customer care. Make you focus being kind, helpful, and informative, so that your potential consumers won’t hesitate to contact you regarding your products or services. If people are commenting on your social media posts; interact with them. You can answer questions, give a humorous or witty reply, and ensure that you’re making them smile and promoting a good feeling regarding your brand.

Send out regular direct emails to those who sign up, and encourage others to do the same, so that you can contact them with information about what’s new, and any special offers you can provide. Keep emails simple and as attractive as possible; clear information and appealing images are the perfect way to get someone to click through to your website and begin to shop with you. It might be worth researching into EDM tactics and what will work well for your company and what will appeal to your target audience.

Keep up your friendly tone and your willingness to engage with your customers at every opportunity. If someone enjoys their experience with you on any level, they’ll return to use your services or buy your products, and will choose you over a larger, less approachable business. Customer trust will become stronger if your business feels like a caring and safe environment for people to spend time and money in, so make sure you’re doing all you can to promote that side of your business from the get-go.


Image via here

Focus On Customer’s Preferred Social Media

Figure out where your target audience prefer to spend time online regarding their social media. If you’re a homeware company; the likelihood is that a majority of your consumer traffic will have a Pinterest account or spend time on Instagram. If you provide a specific service for people; perhaps Twitter can give you a platform for those who live in the nearby area and search for local businesses. Whatever your customer’s platform of choice is; invest in making it a place they’ll enjoy seeing and your content should be something that tempts people to click through to your website when it appears in their feed.

You might need to study your statistic and analytics, to get a clear idea of where and when you’re likely to catch the eye of potential customers. If social media stats aren’t your strong point; maybe hire a social media person who can help to guide you in the right direction in terms of what to post and how to build up your following. With a strong social media strategy; you’ll be able to continue the growth of your followers and audience, so you’ll increase the rate of traffic and click-throughs to your business website.


Image credit

Ensure Your Website Exceeds Expectation

When people arrive on your website; it’s another chance to impress them and ensure that they return to use you again. Therefore, you need to invest in the design and function of your site and ensure that it’s easy to navigate and clear to use. Don’t make your homepage too cluttered; people will be put off if they feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to click. Keep things clean, clear, and tidy with only the relevant information and attractive brand and product images as a feature. Make sure your contact details are there at all times so that visitors know exactly how to get help and an answer to any questions or queries. Pop up technology, for customer care purposes, will be a welcome and friendly addition to your site and consumers will appreciate it.

With so many customers choosing to shop on the go, on their smartphones and tablets; you’ll need to ensure that your website is responsive and looks great on any  device. Again, consumers have so many options to choose from; if your business website disappoints them, they won’t think twice about going elsewhere to invest. Therefore, your focus as a new business should be impressing your audience and becoming an enjoyable encounter online.

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A Guide To Keeping Customers Coming Back For More

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If you’ve recently started up a small business, you will have already have had to go through marketing and advertising to attract new customers to your store. As tricky as that all is, keeping your customers coming back can be just as tricky. Humans are a generally curious species, so if we hear of something new, like the launch of a new business, we are often more than willing to go and have a look around. This, however, doesn’t mean that the hundreds of people that showed up on launch day are going to become loyal customers over night. Instead, it’s your job to turn them into loyal customers, and hopefully, this short guide will help you out.

Be Savvy With Social Media

Social media is a godsend for small businesses and can help you out with a lot of the other things on this list. Social media can help you keep in touch with your customers, and hear their complaints, as well as their praises. It can also keep them up to date on any special offers or competitions that you may be having, as well as the launch of any new products. Just be sure you don’t become a nuisance, as many people will be quick to unfollow you if they see you to be only posting ”spam”.

Listen To Your Customers

With websites like SimpleSat, working out your customers of satisfaction is easy. However, keeping your customers satisfied can be easy too. Simply listening to what your customers have to say about you and your business, whether it be good or bad, shows that you care about your customers and their views and opinions. If customers have any complaints, you should always have someone available in-store, online, and by phone to listen to them, and try to help out. A simple apology goes a long way, especially when it’s not often offered by big companies that prefer to use voice mail systems to collect their complaints. By having a real person available to try to fix any problems, a customer will feel much more at ease and feel like you actually care about their issue. It also means that you may be able to sort out some sort of deal with the customer, like a freebie or some vouchers. Customers who feel as though their complaints have been dealt with properly and are satisfied with the outcome are much more likely to return to your store.

Good Value For Money

You could be the nicest business owner on the planet, but unless all of your customers are made of money, they won’t pay through the roof for a product that they can easily get cheaper from somewhere else. Try using deals like “buy one get one half price”, or offer a price match to other stores in the area. You don’t have to offer products at dirt cheap prices, but you need to show your customers that you care about them just as much, if not more than the profit you are going to gain from them.

Be Surprising

Everyone likes a nice surprise, and so your store should be no different. Offering something free to a person on their birthday is a lovely way to make them feel special, and what’s more, it makes your store rememberable too. Similarly, offering something to your one hundredth and one thousandth customer also shows that you care about their custom, and want them to return. These free offerings don’t have to be huge, or cost you a lot of money – Something as simple as a birthday cupcake, or a one hundredth customer party hat will be enough to put a smile on any of your customer’s faces. Offering discounts or special offers for loyal customers is also a great surprise and will ensure your customers come back to receive their surprise. A simple stamp card can keep track of a person’s number of visits, allowing you to offer bigger and better surprises the more times they come into store.

Have The Right Employees

There is absolutely no point in you being the nicest person on the planet if you plan to hire boring or unpleasant staff to serve your customers. One of the biggest complaints a customer has tends to be about the person that has served them, as they are the first and last impression of your store. If you have hired someone that is snappy with the customers or doesn’t engage with them as you are trying to, they are not the person that you want working at your store. Instead you should hire someone with a friendly, positive attitude, has an outgoing personality, and actually cares about the store as much as you do. Don’t put something that you’ve worked so hard on in the hands of someone that only wants to do their job, get their paycheck, and leave – They are not the sorts of people that are going to convince your customers to return to your store again and again.

Do Something For The Community

If you are opening a small business in your local area, customers are much more likely to return to your store if they see you doing something good for the community. This shows that you are bothered about much more than money and that you are a genuine, caring person. If you own a toy store, donate some toys to a hospital around Christmas time. If you own a cafe, you could donate some food to a food bank – You could even take it one step further than that and offer free meals for the homeless. Little things like this won’t cost you mega bucks but will show a lot of heart, and so people would be a lot more likely to shop with you.

I certainly hope that these tips will help to keep your small business thriving for a long time. If you play your cards right, you could have different generations of the same family visiting you for years to come. Showing you care isn’t particularly difficult, especially in this day and age when customers complaints are so easily brushed under the rug, but it will ensure you have loyal customers that will keep coming back for more.

From Pixabay


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Your Manufacturing Line Needs These Services To Succeed

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As a shrewd business owner, it’s likely you understand the necessity of keeping an efficient and well-systemized manufacturing line. Crafting the products you wish to sell with quality, safety and obedience to regulation should be your main intention. In order to achieve this, your factory or manufacturing area should be running at peak performance.

You really can’t afford to cut costs here, as doing so will noticeably reduce the quality of your product. Not only that, but keeping an ethically run factory is good for the workers who inhabit it. We’d like to make clear that this article will use the term ‘factory’ to denote any form of production line from the small to the large. It will also be used as the term for the method of item productions utilized by small business owners, of which this content of this blog is mostly targeted.

That being said, in order to keep up a positive and regular spawn of product creation, you should employ the following services:

Machine Repair Services

While you may be using fairly rudimentary equipment on hand, it’s always wise letting the experts repair broken machinery. Attempting to fix the load yourself can sometimes contribute to the problem becoming worse. You may not be educated in the nuances of how it operates, and so could be putting yourself in danger here.

Hiring the service of a professional callout team who will be able to repair and replace select parts in the safest possible way, keeping machine hygiene and electrical inputs at the forefront of their mind while doing so can give you peace of mind. It will also help you get back up to speed after an unfortunate breakdown, helping you meet your targets without much in the way of wasted repairs.

Custom Parts

Every manufacturing line is different, depending on the product line. Even within the same industries, products are rarely manufactured in exactly the same way, so catering for these quirks can require a guided mind which knows what it wants. To help you develop and customize custom machine fittings, it’s important to use the right service. It’s also important to understand the nuances of your chosen industry and which materials are most suitable for it.

For example, within the food industry, a product line is rarely set the same way between food items. Fast food packing, for example, will need a much different operational requirement than for fish & sea food machinery. For the latter, implementing your line with plastic machine parts which can mitigate the effects of salt water and contaminants is of paramount importance. Using a professional service like visit can help you acquire the products you need with the nuances of your creative kit in line, helping you meet the demand of your growing audience.

Cleaning Services

Many businesses utilize cleaning services. It’s part and parcel of keeping a strong operation running and keeping the people within it happy and motivated. However, for a factory environment, you will need to consult the services of an industrial cleaning firm. The two are very different. The latter will have express knowledge and potentially provide equipment to help clean your entire line each night. It’s especially important when utilizing chemicals or pressure washing, for example. Make sure you place the right distinction between these services and hire accordingly.

With these three services to help out, you’ll certainly be in with a chance of having the best manufacturing line around.

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