Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook Marketing Strategy

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Update: after I wrote this tutorial I made a very loved video with 25 strategies to promote your business on Facebook. Check this tutorial out here:

This is a tutorial on Facebook marketing strategies with discussion on using Facebook to promote things to friends, creating Facebook groups,  using Facebook’s paid marketing feature, and much more.


Facebook Free Marketing

Many first time marketers or first-time entrepreneurs opt for Facebook marketing because it is free and because it is the part of social media marketing that they understand the most. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Facebook is designed to keep people on its platform. They have to reason to make it easy for you to get people to leave Facebook in order to send them to your website.

For example, if you run a Facebook business page or a group, you are probably aware that Facebook only shows your status updates to 10-30% of your group members. If you want to make sure that more of your group members see your status update, Facebook encourages you to pay for that extra exposure.

For more on how to get social media and other kinds of referrals, take a look at the guide for how to get referrals. When discussing referrals, many people aren’t too confident that they completely understand the difference between Facebook likes and Facebook shares. Here is a full article on the difference between Facebook likes and shares to help you get a sense of the benefit of each of these. Here is another tutorial, explaining the benefits of a Facebook like.

Using Facebook Events

You can promote your business by putting on events that generate leads or extra revenue for your business. Facebook can help you do this because their events feature is free, and many potential attendees can discover and RSVP to your events without ever leaving Facebook. Here is a full tutorial on how to get the most out of  Facebook events.

Facebook Paid Marketing

For all of Facebook’s inadequacies as a free marketing platform, it can be a great platform for promoting your business with their paid ads. This social network provides great tools for targeting your potential customers by age, sex, geography, hobbies, interests and much more. The only requirement is that you identify your target market with great precision.

Here is a tutorial for how to do effective paid marketing. Buying likes is another form of doing paid marketing on Facebook. Buying Facebook likes is a bit of a controversial topic. Check out our article on the pros and cons of buying Facebook likes.

Ironically, whether you pay for advertising or you try to get it for free, the cost is never nothing. Large parts of the costs are man hours of labor that you put into your advertising efforts. Additionally, the time it takes before your efforts start bringing in clients is also one of your costs. For a more complete discussion of how much it truly costs to advertise on Facebook, check out this article on how much Facebook marketing really costs.

How To Make Engaging Facebook Posts

Whenever you make Facebook updates, try to use pictures and exciting headlines as much as possible. Many people skim webpages looking for something that catches their eye. That is why you have to use nice photos. Bright photos are even better. Here is an article with a full discussion on how to promote your products on Facebook with images.

Each Facebook post you make should be engaging and you should make a strong effort to make sure that each of your posts reaches its full potential. One of the first things you should do is make sure that the title of your post is engaging. Here is a tutorial on how to make engaging Facebook updates.

Facebook Marketing For Business Book

Recently I published a Facebook marketing book on Amazon Kindle. If you don’t have a Kindle, don’t worry. You can buy the book on Amazon.com and read it on any smartphone with the Kindle app. Here is a page on this blog where you can learn more about the Facebook marketing book.

Book, Mobile Apps And Courses To Help You With Social Media Marketing

If you feel that you may need to learn more about the right way to use social media marketing to promote your business, I created a number of resources to help you with just that. If you like learning by reading, I wrote a marketing book that teaches you strategies to get great scale for your business. Here is more about the marketing plan and strategy book and here is the marketing plan book on Amazon.

If you enjoy learning by watching videos, check out my advanced social media marketing course or take the social media marketing course on Udemy.

Additionally, I created some of the top Android and iPhone apps for learning marketing and creating a marketing plan. Here is my iPhone marketing app and here is my Android marketing app.

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Author: Alex Genadinik

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